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playing it safe.
            "Andy, I think tonight's the night Thelma Lou and I get engaged." Barney gave a big smile at his best friend.

            "Well, now that is good news. That is very good news. I'll pay for the dinner at Floyd's diner." Andy patted Barney on the back.

              Andy and Barney had a double date that night and drove to Thelma's house first.
              Andy had a key and let himself in...

              "Helen? Barney and I are here." Andy queried and the two began a search.

              "Barney!" Thelma was wrapped in a towel .

              "Oh, my!" Barney tried to avert his eyes.

              "Andy!" Helen stepped out behind Thelma wrapped in a towel.

              "Helen? What's going on?" Andy asked nervously.

              Thelma and Helen kissed and giggled. "Well, Andy we've been a couple.." Helen began, 
              "But, lesbian relationships are illegal in Mayberry." Thelma continued.

              "So, we've been double dating you two ..." Helen finished.

              "I'm the Sheriff!" Andy rubbed the back of his head, "This wasn't necessary .. "

              "And I'm the Deputy! And this is a violation of section 69!" Barney fumbled for his handcuffs.

              "Barney! Put those away. What am I going to say next election? I arrested my girl for taking a shower with my deputy's girlfriend?"
              Andy sat down on the living room couch and Barney sat beside him, holding hands.
              They went to the diner with their dates and never got to second base.



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