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Seeing truth through things natural
I Saw Death

(A thought on I Corinthians 15)


I was looking out my back door tonight and I saw death.

I saw the cold, covering the whole landscape like a blanket of mortality.

The wind, ripping the last hint of warmth from every living thing,

Left behind it the disturbing, chilling, certainty that all "living" things must pass through this "winter."

But, as surely as springtime follows frost, so life follows death; the stem the start.

For those faithful, who hold onto Life, yet die, not ever seeing,

Nor experiencing the immediate fruits of seeds sown, there still endures their coming Spring.

We, who linger, in their wake, in the chill, acknowledge,

By our testimony of baptism, the burial and the coming Spring,

Our living hope, our new life,

In the Way of Resurrection.

Steve Blackwell

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