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This first chapter introduces the character as he knows the different world.
"Chirp chirp. Chirp," entered Josa's mind as he began to gain consciousness. He struggled to move his neck and arms. A gripping pain weaved its way down to his legs, numbing his ability to move around on the ground. Deep burning, itching sensations crawled deep underneath his skin from the grass. His mind felt fuzzy from his sleep. He could not remember anything about what had happened to him. The breeze sent chills down his spine. The last thing he wanted to be is to be unable to move for the rest of his life. Slowly, he worked on stretching every single muscle, starting with his neck. After several attempts he dozed off, unable to stay awake long enough to see if he could move around and do some things. The breeze felt great against his bare cheek.

His stomach growled in protest as he began to nod off again. Then he became aware of the pain striking his back and shoulders. A smell of a peculiar dish came in his direction. It gave him a reminder that he had not eaten for days. Sound of water from a nearby drinking fountain caused his dry mouth to open and close once. He needed to figure out what he wanted to eat and drink quick. He heard a couple people stop close to where he was laying and looked around to where he figured something important was being showcased, then left. After looking around, he realized they left behind some kind of drink and chips. Josa decided to focus on grabbing that drink and chips to relieve some of the pain he felt. Slowly, he moved forward on his hands toward the food. When he arrived there, he slowly nibbled on the chips and drank what tasted similar to pepsi until he felt satisfied. Even though the chips and drink did not completely satisfy his hunger, it was enough to moisten his mouth and gave a little bit of relief.

Come to me, a whisper, just loud enough for him to hear, came from the direction where the people had dropped by to look at. Josa could not think of anything that would want him around, but the sound of the whisper sounded so sweet and delicate that he figured it would not hurt to look around and see what wanted him to come. An ominous shaped staff, made of pure dark essence from its look, appeared on top of a pedestal. The darkness felt very fascinating and appealing at the same time. A shiver went through Josa's spine, but he could not stop looking at it.

Come, yes, I want you,
the whisper came again. Josa felt a strange excitement to it.

Who- what are you? Josa still had a bad feeling deep inside, but he wanted to know what was going on too.

I am the Shadowstaff, the most powerful of all dark wands. Take me, the staff changed into an ordinary looking stick. I can be your guide.

No, I can't. I do not have any money on me, nor can I remember anything that has happened. But, I can try to find work and buy you when I save up enough, then I can take you and accept your guidance, Josa decided it would not be right for him to take a stick, let alone one that claimed to be the most powerful of all dark wands. He did not remember anything that would make wands talk or have its own mind either.

You do not know everything then. I choose myself who I want to be with, and that is you. You do not need money or anything of the sort. Just take me, I will help you with anything and everything. I know a good person when I sense one.

So, you do not cost anything? Josa thought again about the wand. It looked just like it was just a branch that fell out of a tree.

Well, of course not. How many do you know go around spending money on a branch that fell out of a tree? The Shadowstaff continued to just look like a tree branch laying there.

None. Anyone could pick up a branch that fell to the ground. I guess this means I can use your guidance then, Josa realized a tree branch to help him stay upright would be a good thing, not a bad thing.

Come, accept me. I will make a really good tree branch for you to steady yourself and walk, the Shadowstaff continued to speak into Josa's mind into accepting it.

I think this is a really good idea. I will take it, Josa steadied himself on his hands and knees and crawled up to the pedestal. He felt excited about the idea of being able to use a tree branch to help him walk. The wand looked so safe and felt very comfortable to the touch that he completely forgot about the bad feeling he had before about it. The dark aura still around it looked very attractive at the same time. Any senses that gave Josa the feeling that the wand was really trying hard to trick him into accepting it disappeared. The dark energy gave strength into Josa's body, eliminating any pain he felt before.

While I can take your pain away, I can't heal you. Rest on this pedestal for a little bit. That should help replenish your strength. I will slowly continue to heal you as best as I can while you rest. Who knows what will happen, the Shadowstaff said in a very calming, sweet voice.

What can I say? Your guide is very helpful. I love you, Josa could not help himself. He leaned himself on the pedestal while the wand worked its magic. The wand laughed very gently.

Well, well, I am very pleased to help you out here. The most I can say? I can't say how excited I am that you came around and accepted my help. Now, I want you to do one thing. Will you accept me?

Accept you? I do not know if I can do any favors for you, sorry, Josa pondered over what the wand meant when it wanted him to do one thing.

No, that is it. I want you to accept me and you will be all good to go. No tricks to it. Please, will you accept me?

Okay, I will, Josa figured it would not hurt after all the help the wand was giving him.

Excellent, the wand chuckled as it engulfed Josa in a strange kind of magic.

Just do not drive me crazy and I will be okay, Josa decided that it was time to stand up and try to find someone who could help him. Looking down he noticed he was wearing a robe with a light blue, glowing butterfly on his chest.

This robe matches our personality perfectly and you will be able to blend into the society. Magic gives the power to do anything. Okay, you are okay to stand and walk now, Shadowstaff said cheerfully.

Great, now I can figure out where I am, Josa slowly rose to his feet, using the wand to help steady him.

No worries, I know where we are. The planet we are on is Saturn, but in this culture we call it Magturn since this world is filled with magic. We are on the continent of Iskrealia and in the capital of Stingoff known as Gliston Valley. To be more specific, we are beside Silver Alley in a little small spot called Silver Wand Shrine. Got all of that?

Umm, none of these places are familiar with me. So, we are in Silver Wand Shrine then? Josa thought of all of the places he knew, but could not figure out any of the places the wand told him about. It seemed as if he was standing in a distance planet far away from home.
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