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A surprising scene in my living room.
When I woke up and went for a cup
of coffee to open my eyes,
I saw a Christmas scene by my front door;
it was a Noel surprise.

I live alone outside of Flagstone
and my place is modest in size.
But the scene I saw shook me to the core:
How did that stuff all arise?

There was a tree, a Nativity
and glitter like stars in the skies.
Plus there was garland and gifts on the floor--
fruitcake and two apple pies.

I leaned my head and wondered instead
if it was some hypnotic guise.
But when I pinched myself and it was sore,
I had to stifle my cries.

I took the cake right down to the lake
so not to encourage fruit flies.
But when I returned to Noel and more,
I was not anymore wise.

Then I just thought perhaps it was wrought
as something for me to apprise.
Thus is the spirit of Christmas encore,
it was a Noel surprise.

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Writer’s Cramp
December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

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