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Jasper gets a surprise of his lifetime
Jasper woke up in a groggy state. He was still a bit sleepy. He had slept late because he was chatting with his online friends on a writing website. They were the only family for him now.

He sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed his eyes and gave a loud yawn. He reached out, parted the curtain a little and peeped outside. It was snowing lightly and the ground was covered by a white carpet. He groaned. He hated the winter more so because it was associated with something unpleasant in life.

He got up and went to brush his teeth. Today was just like any other day. He had his morning routine all planned out and daily followed it religiously. After waking up at seven, he would brush his teeth, wash his face, get dressed and head to the kitchen to fix a quick breakfast then head for work. He had got used to this monotony, especially after Estelle was gone.

After a meticulous toilette, he stumbled into the kitchen for coffee. As he was getting things ready for breakfast, he noticed that something was dazzling in the living room. He walked to the living room, with a puzzled expression and Lo Behold, an amazing sight welcomed him.

Merry Christmas!’ a bright, eye catching banner was on the wall above the mantel piece. There was a beautiful Christmas tree standing majestically near the mantelpiece, tastefully decorated with shimmering lights, candies, cards, dolls, hearts and little people cut outs. There was a silver star on top as the crowning glory. His gaze shifted to the several wrapped up presents sitting on the floor under the tree. He saw a stocking hanging from the mantelpiece, filled with more gifts and as he went closer, he saw his name knitted on it and a card pinned to it.

Jasper stood still after reading his name on the stocking. He could not believe his eyes. There was a picture perfect Christmas day in front of him. How was that possible, since he had been living alone for the last five years? He had no contact with his family, or rather, who remained of his family, who were his estranged wife and his obnoxious aunt.

He turned around quickly to face the tree, as if to test whether this was a dream and that the whole Christmas scene would disappear like the little match girl’s visions. No, the Christmas tree and the presents were still there, solid and real.
It had been five years since he had celebrated this festival and he had forgotten it was Christmas that day.
As he stood watching the scene, dumbstruck, he felt as if the star on top of the tree winked at him and his throat became caught up emotion. He began to experience a sudden rush of memories connected Christmas. His childhood celebration with his parents; the joy and excitement with which he tackled his gifts; the kiss he had shared with Estelle under the mistletoe fifteen years earlier and the Christmas he shared with her for five years, all of which he had deliberately forgotten or tried to forget, after his parents death and especially after his wife left him. It was on a Christmas Eve that she had left him so he had entirely stopped celebrating the festival, and avoided going out on that day.

He remembered seeing a card pinned to the stocking and took it. It read:

Dear Jasper,

We wish to make your Christmas special by presenting these lovely things to you. We want to fill your heart again with the happiness of Christmas which you have not allowed yourself to feel. I hope you it brings joy to your heart and inspires you to start a brand new life. We are always there for you.
Merry Christmas, Restless Pen! May Jesus shower his blessings on you!

With lots of love and Chrismassy feelings,
Your Writersgang.com friends

Tears welled up in his eyes as he thought somewhere someone loved him and were encouraging him to start afresh.
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