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While most Germans celebrate with beer for victory, a single soldier is in defeat.
Guns, bombs, constant ramblings about the great Fuhrer. I just don't understand.

We used to be united as one, against the courses of evil and working for the greater good. He tells us that we are, but I'm getting the feeling that he's wrong. Yesterday I had to kill a child. Before he died, he looked at me with eyes of confusion and sadness, already accepting his fate. I know that the Jews are evil, but somehow I buried him with his father in the woods when my comrades left, with a strange feeling in my heart.

Rations are increasing. Some of the men managed to get over five stacks of hay, which meant more bread for us. It was quite surprising and joyful for the farmers to be giving so much food kindly to us, to support us in the war. Then I notice the burning farm in the distance. Painted in blood, was another Jewish star. This is really getting out of hand. Why do we have to kill so many people? Is Hitler really saving Germany by the extermination of children, babies, and adult Jews?
And when I tell my friends, they laugh.

I just don't understand.

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