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A close encounter with arachnophobia.
The shimmering spider webs stretched out across the sun drenched entrance to the ancient cabin, like a giant, yet intricate netting, woven to prevent the intrusion of external entities. Off to the left side of the doorway, I noticed the funnel-like structure of the arachnoids entryway to its inner dwelling place.

Involuntary shudders coursed through me like tiny, tingling shockwaves. My skin crawling from the sensation of goose bumps arising upon it. I crossed my arms over my torso, each hand rubbing the opposite limb rapidly to quell the chill. I stood about five feet from the intertwined mass, unable to propel myself any closer.

I couldn’t imagine how long the spider must have labored at its project. As I focused harder, I observed hundreds of mobile black specks upon the webbing. I slowly stepped backward, keeping my sights on the animated mesh. At any moment, I expected to see a gigantic arthropod springing at me in defense of her spiderlings.

Perhaps, one day soon when Jack has some spare time, I can return here with him. But until that day, I will have to engage my imagination if I want to view my inheritance. Or, then again, maybe not.
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