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by Sky
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A narrative of a beautiful place in the woods; my safe place.
The only place I felt welcome. The only thing, considering the vast terrain of this world, in which accepted me was the thin, pathetic dirt under the soles of my shoes. And how accepting were these trees; not all tress, only these wise trees with their thick, beautiful trunks in which were twisted and sculpted in a way in which they were somehow able to explain the lifetime of one thousand lost sunsets, along with flowing patterns of the winds who have no real purpose at all. The trunks seem to contain their own soul, one that dances forever upwards into an eternity of oranges and brilliant pinks.
I loved the leaves here, as they were comforting in their loss of life; desperately grasping such an enormous, alive soul despite their inescapable death. It resulted in pure beauty, the way each individual was transformed into a vulnerable transparency with each ticking second of the retreating sun. Their once lively veins, now exposed to a brutal forest; a paper thin slide on a projector, their dark browns contrasted with the black and deep red spots on their body, creating a wonderful new being. Every leaf was illuminated as if a bulb were plugged into the ground projecting a dome of warm and beautiful soft glowing light, revealing a new side of every living thing in this forest.
The pathetic dirt renewed itself as it became something so desirable when under my bare feet. I understood the way in which it embraced each millimeter of my undeserving toes as if it had no where to belong itself. It proved to be cool and smooth, as if I were standing atop a waterfall; my own feet just barely skimming the top of the liquid. From here, I could see my beautiful forest become continuously and gloriously more vibrant. Each color became deeper, intruding on all natural colors. Each object outlined with a liquid gold that seemed to drip down to the ground and spill across the horizon. The clouds provided the only neutral point, although they were stretched so thin by the swirling color and even the brilliant aroma that filled every particle of air that even they could be seen as transparent; merely a helpless victim of a masterpiece of the sky.
A momentary bliss was followed by a prolonged sense of panic as the alluring sun slipped down and away from me. I habitually closed my eyes in a desperate attempt to preserve every single molecule of happiness in which I had just experienced. My eyes were reluctantly opened; I was back on the ground again. I put my shoes on once more and a familiar cool breeze surrounded me. Disappointment and deep ceaseless pain returned to their respective places within me. It was then I decided next time I would not open my eyes.

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