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Giant supervillain nine year olds should never get ideas in their heads.
Grief's Big Day Part two
"Grief's Big Idea."

Grief tried to get as far away from the firemen and victims of that past incident as much as possible. He hated the feeling that he just had, at first it was a warm fuzzy feeling that made him feel good about doing something noble for a change. However he knew that he would be filled with guilt about all the innocents he harmed just before hand.

"If those people liked me so much maybe they should make me..." Grief just then had an idea, a wonderfully, awful idea.

"Why destroy a city, when you can have a city?" Grief thought as he smiled fiendishly and laughed.
Grief looked around the city. He scanned to find any building that looked like it had administrative value.

"I wish the humans made their cities like ours, with a big fortress in the middle to show where all the important things go on." Grief said while he sighed and looked around.

"Hm..I think the humans called it a mayors office. Perhaps if I capture this Mayor, they bow down to me?" Grief thought to himself with his trademark evil grin on his face.

"But first...Where is this mayors office?" Grief said as he tried to look around.

Soon Grief decided to shrink down to normal and go in a store to ask for directions. Grief went up to a cashier who was hiding behind a desk after he saw Grief's gigantic sneakers outside.

"Excuse me. Do you know where the mayors office is?" Grief asked, remembering what his father said about manners and how to ask for things.

The cashier screamed and ran out the door.

"Gee, the service here stinks." Grief said.

After eating some of the candy in the store Grief stumbled upon a travel brochure. He took it and read it. He then memorized it and put it in his backpack as he walked out of the store.

"Ah ha! Thata way!" Grief said as he pointed and turned giant again.

Grief then proceeded to heads towards the direction that he saw on the map. Along the way Grief crushed cars under his giant sneakers as he stomped. All of the vehicles where abandoned after their drivers got out and fled. Grief loved to crush cars, to him it was comparably like crushing leaves in the middle of Fall time.

As Grief advanced he would punched, swiped at, kick at, or pushed over any buildings surrounding him. Grief spared no structure in his rampage . Occasionally however, Grief would find a really nice car on the ground. He would then proceed to pick it up gently and put it in his giant book bag designed by his fathers best scientists to have the ability to grow with him. Grief always loved cars, even though he could never be able to ride in one due to his weight.

As Grief stomped deeper down town a battalion of tanks approached Grief to attack him. One of the tanks fired a round and hit Griefan in the leg. Grief felt a sharp sting, but then he picked up a building to use as an makeshift round shield. The tanks fired at him, but he blocked his body with the building. As they fired more and more the building started to take damage, fortunately for Grief he closed enough distance to attack.

"Hm...Perhaps things would go smoothly if I didn't kill these guys." Grief thought in his head.

So instead of crushing the tanks, he nudged them over with his foot until they where unable to fire at him. Then he dropped the building nearby and picked up each tank one by one, he then ripped off the turret of each one and dropped them on the ground so they could not use their main guns at him. After that he laughed and went past the disabled tanks while laughing at the tank crews as they where helpless against him now.

"Later losers." Grief said as he stomped off triumphantly.

Grief continued his destructive stroll through the city . At long last he could see the City Hall in the distance.

"There you are." Grief said to himself out-loud.

Grief took another step and the sometime hit him from behind. Grief turned around and saw that an GUN AH-64 Apache fired its Hellfire missile at his back. Grief was in pain, but even more so he was angry. He swatted at the helicopter and it dodged. Grief swatted at it again, but the helicopter dodged and moved into his face by flying just after he moved his arms. The helicopter then got up to his face after Grief moved his hands down. The pilot knew Grief's weakness was his ability to move his giant hands to react do to his weight and size.

"Any last words monster?" The pilot said on a speaker.

"Just this." Grief said as he blew a raspberry on the flight deck of the helicopter.

The pilot stunned by not only the amount of Grief's saliva hindering his view, but also at Grief coming up with such a childish move. The pilot tried to get his missiles to lock on, but some saliva was launched onto the missiles and its heat from being in Grief's mouth distorted the lock on time. Grief however wasted no time grabbing onto the landing gear and turned the whole helicopter around. The pilot was able to clear the window with the windshield wipers on the craft, but it was too late, he could not fire the missiles facing away from Grief and the chain gun was virtually useless.

The pilot tried to move the Apache away from Grief's grasp, but Grief carefully used his giant fingers to break off the tail of the helicopter and jabs it into the top blades making it stop. Then pulled off the top blade with his teeth and spit it out.

"You lose." Grief said as he moved the helpless disabled helicopter to stare at his face again.

Grief opened the canopy and he could see the pilots expression of terror and fear. Grief took the pilot out, snapping the seat belts like they where nothing. Then Grief crumpled up in his one hand and showed it to the pilot in his other hand. Then the crumpled up husk and tossed it away.

Grief then put the pilot on a nearby building and used his powers of self magnification to bigger and scare the pilot. The pilot was in so much shock that he passed out in fear.

"Heh, what a baby." Grief said as he walked away leaving the pilot unconscious, but unharmed.

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