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Grief wants to try his hand at politics.
Grief's Big Day Part 3:
Grief for mayor....or die!

Grief was nearing the City Hall, with each giant step he could see the hall get smaller and smaller. The people who were not fortunate enough to evacuate in time hid in the shops under the desks and out of sight. The poor citizens in hiding could feel the ground tremor and the booming of his steps as he got closer and closer, when he got near glass would break and objects on the shelves would fall. It was as if they where in an controlled earthquake.

"Honey...What is happening" one teenager said to her boyfriend.

"I do not know...Something about a monster..." The male said while whispering.

Suddenly Grief's massive shoe went down just outside the shop and the windows cracked in the shop. The couple could not believe what they where witnessing. They have seen and heard about Mobians and Moebians on tv, but never could they imagine the site of one this big. The mere size of Grief's shoes was astonishing and frightening without having to even move. Eventually Grief's legs moved to where they where not seen and after a minute the couple could not feel any more tremors.

"I...I think he is gone honey..." Said the woman.

"Yeah...." Said the man.

"Just to be clear I will go check, you stay here." Said the male

The teenage male got out from hiding and crept closer to the side of the window in the shop. The female however ignored her boyfriends wishes and got out of hiding.

"I think he is gone..." The male whispered.

Suddenly Grief's gigantic face moved down outside the window. The male could see the gigantic face of Grief staring at him in amusement.

"Boo." Said Grief.

The male teenager then went into shock and passed out. His girlfriend started to scream in terror.

"Heh heh...You guys are a cute couple by the way." Grief said overhearing them speaking with his gigantic fox ears.

Grief stood back up again after crouching for a minute. Then he stomped away trying to keep on his goal to reach City Hall. Grief knew more and more people where hiding in the local shops, but he also wanted to spare them all to make them his citizens once he became mayor.

"Once I rule all these humans, then my daddy will see I am the better child. He might even make me a genera!!" Grief said not knowing that the city is not an AMA target.

Grief stomped closer and closer to his objective. His height allowed him an excellent view of the city, if not looking like a toy town. Grief could see the humans fortifying their positions with their ground forces. The city did not have allot of tanks as they never where near any major combat zone or perhaps they sent them all to fight elsewhere. Instead they had many soldiers armed with guns and grenade launchers.

"Its time to play with the little army men." Grief said so loudly that the defenders could hear him and their morale dropped as they saw him advance closer and closer.

When Grief got in range the captain of the defense force ordered the soldiers to open fire on the gigantic sized fox boy. They fired all kinds of bullets and grenades at him. yet the most of what this was doing is making Grief ticklish and giggle, which would be cute admittedly if he was not on a path of destruction.

"Ha ha! Hey quit it with the grenade launchers you guys!" Grief said smiling as the grenades hit his tickle spots.

Grief finally stopped laughing and he then bent over to where his face was above the soldiers. His evil grin was pouring fear into them so bad they could not take it in themselves to aim and fire at his eyes.

"Now it is my turn!" Grief said as he then exhaled a huge gust of breath from his mouth.

The force was so strong that it knocked most of the soldiers over, except for the captain. Grief then moved his giant hand down and flicked his fingers at the captain.
The captain was hit with a mighty force, it was as if he was hit by a car. The captain was flung back and he hit the wall of the City Hall.
Some of the soldiers started to get back up from their fall due to Griefs blast of air, so Grief then gently swiped through them with the backside of his hand knocking them all down again.

"Stay outa my way or else!" Grief let out.

After watching them not get back up, Grief just stood up and walked over them as he did with the police men earlier. He then walked right next to the City Hall and he lifted up the roof off of the building with his giant strength.

"Where is they mayor?" Grief asked the staff as everyone was wearing formal attire and Grief could not tell who was who.

"Humans are so strange, they dress like penguins when they are important." Grief thought in his head about the human males in the building.

Some of the security guards started shooting at Grief, but he just nudged them over with his giant fingers. They where using pistols and not aiming at his eyes, so they could not harm him.

"Please...I just tore through an army." Grief said mocking them.

"Now where is the mayor?" Grief said in an threatening tone.

The staff all pointed to an office. Grief could see the office from an birds eye view as he lift off the offices roof, yet he still could not see the mayor. So Grief decided to search around for him in that room. He moved things like a child would if they had a doll house or play set for boys. Grief lifted up the office desk and sure enough the mayor was cowering under it.

"HA! Gotcha!" Grief said as he lowered his hand and picked up the mayor.

Grief lifted up the mayor to his face with his hand firmly around his body so he could not escape. Then Grief let the roof go with a loud thud. Next Grief sat down on the garden.

"So...How do I become mayor?" Grief asked curiously.

"What?" Said the mayor.

"I want to become mayor...How do I do that?" Mayor.

"That..Is my job..." said the mayor.

"Not anymore...I am taking over now." Grief said.

"But....You can't!" said the mayor.

"Oh? Why can't I?" Asked Grief agitated.

"Because, you have to get elected first." explained the mayor.

"Elected? What the heck is that?" Asked Grief.

In our city you have to get people to vote for you to become mayor.." Said the current mayor.
Grief thought about that.

"That is strange. On our planet people come to power by someone else dying." Grief thought.

"If people vote for me it will prove I am the best mayor there is! Nothing like having people who will love me no matter how much things I break!" Grief contemplated in his mind.

"So how do I get people to elect me?" Griefan asked the terrified mayor

"You have to participate in an election against other candidates." Replied the nervous mayor.

"Ok? So where are those guys?" Asked Grief
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