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Wrote it in my bedroom one night after a walk. Still a fav of mine. Nov. 6,2011


There is a place not to far from here
Where I first saw your pretty eyes
I go back there and sit all alone
Live those moments again in my mind

Sometimes the music helps me remember
But most times it's such a lonely sound
As I sit and drink my pain away
Just me and my bottle and the chair

I wonder what they must think of me
But then again I don't really care
I could get up and walk out the door
Take my memories of you somewhere else

The sound of your voice still lingers
Like the love that was born there
I'm the only one keeping them alive
Like you there's no one else that cares

Soon the snow will fall to the ground
I can't believe it's been almost a year
Since my heart was so close to you
And your pretty smile left me helpless

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