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Griefan goes to school, on Mobius Prime.
One day at Mobian Elementary Mr. Perchwood Owl was giving a lesson to his fourth grade class on reading. It was a sunny day and Mr.Perchwood thought he would challenge his students over the next few weeks by taking on the ancient human stories wrote by Edgar Allen Poe. Perchwood believed that his students should excel in what they do so he choose to give them a hard genre to learn at their age.

"Ok class, today we will be reading the Raven." Mr.Perchwood said.
The students groaned as they thought it would be to daunting of a task, as well as boring.

"Now now class, that is no way to approach a challenge. " Perchwood said.
Suddenly there was a loud tapping on the door.

"Hoot Hoot! I say who could that be?" Â Mr.Perchwood said started by the sudden commotion.

Mr.Perchwood walked over to the door. As he did so his students watched in curiosity over the events unfolding. Perchwood opened the door and walked back to his desk. A strange nine year old fox with purple hair and green eyes came inside. Â The fox closed the door and walked in, he seemed very nervous and shy.

"Class, this is our foreign exchange student." Mr Perchwood said.

"Go ahead, introduce yourself to the class my dear boy." Perchwood let on.

"M....My name is.....Griefan Nathaniel Bradanska." Griefan said softly.

The class let out a huge wave of laughter. Grief looked like a freak with his features, his shriek voice, and his goofy sounding name. Â All but one student in the corner reading a book did not participate in the ridiculing. Â While this was going on Griefan was getting nervous and his heart started to pound.

"Now class that is no way to treat a new student. Settle down or you all will not get to partake in recess today." Mr. Perchwood said firmly.
The classed calmed down under the thought of losing recess.

"Now Mr.Griefan your spot will be third seat to the right." Mr.Perchwood said.

"M...My daddy wants me to set up front row s-sir.." Griefan said in a quiet and nervous tone.
"I have a note..." Grief said.

"Well then, bring it here my boy." Mr.Perchwood said calmly.

Griefan walked over to Mr.Perchwood and handed him the note. Mr.Perchwood read it and found it most interesting. Apparently Griefan's father, sir Deraj Ivan Bradanska, had become a private benefactor to the school and had donated a tremendous sum of money to the school for equipment and supplies. One of the underlining conditions was that Griefan was to be put in the front of the class so he can soak up all the knowledge he could.

"Well now, this changes everything. Mr. Griefan, your spot will be up here in this front row seat." Mr.Perchwood said.

Griefan looked nervous, he knew that being up front would cause him to be the center of attention, negative attention.

"Y-Yes sir..." Grief said as he walked over to his desk.

Grief put down his book bag down and sat in the chair. Just as soon as he sat the chair collapsed under his weight, and Grief fell on his buttocks. The ground shook a bit, but the students were too busy laughing to notice. The whole class room could not help themselves but to see a new student's chair break on the first day, especially after said chair was brand new. Of all the lousy luck this kid had most of children thought.

"Rats.." Grief muttered quietly to himself.

"That is strange, I thought the school board just purchased these chair." Mr.Perchwood thought.

"S-sir...My dad got me a special chair...It is at the front office..." Grief said timidly.

"Well then, by all means Griefan, you can take the hall pass and bring in your special chair." Mr.Perchwood said calmly.

"Yes sir..." Grief said as he walked and got the hall pass. Then he proceeded out the door.

Mr. Perchwood assigned some students to help him clean up the broken chair with himself. They cleaned up the wreck, but when it came to moving Grief's backpack no one was able to lift it.

"Perhaps this student came from a country known for weightlifting?" Perhwood deduced.

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