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by SAH
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An account of a football game in 1912 by a boy that would lead to him working in football.
Time was called, some of the Moline players lifted Soderstrom and assisted him to the sideline. As he walked I could see blood dripping from his chin strap and he put little weight on his right leg. The Moline fans started yelling for the referee to kick Jack Paragon out of the game. The request was ignored and the game continued.

The Independents took the lead into the half and the game came down to the final drive. Up 6-0 the Independents were held on downs and had to punt the ball back to Moline. With a touchdown and goal kick the Illini could steal the game away from us. The Independents lined up in punt formation, quarterback…. Charley McGinnis dropped back and waited a moment before calling for the ball. Moline shifted their defense just in case Rock Island ran a fake. McGinnis signaled for the ball, the pass back was perfect and he got away a high kick. Several of the Independents were held up at the line while trying to cover the punt and limit the return. Left end Keith Dooley shed his blocker and raced down the field. He had the return man in his sights, sensing he was early he let off the gas and waited for the Illini player to go for the ball. Instead of catching the punt, perhaps disturbed by the presence of Dooley and likely anticipating a cheap shot, the return man let the ball slip through his hands and it bounced right into the hands of Dooley. My Father and I shot to our feet as he secured the ball and raced 20 yards and across the goal. The Independents won the game and it was one of the most amazing events I had ever seen in my life, I was hooked.

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