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Non-fiction short
Last year in early February I had just come in the house from riding snowmobile and I find my oldest daughter Tiffany setting at my kitchen table. This isn't unusual for my adult children to do for they are always welcome.Before I could remove my boots Tiff asks
"Dad can I ride your sled?"
"Sure. But have you ridden one before?" Dad
"No. But I think you will teach me won't you?" Tiff
"Yah come on." Dad
Not thinking I lead Tiff to the machine I was just riding. 1978 Arctic Cat Cheetah with a 500 c.c Suzuki engine. In retrospect I should have fired up one of my less powerful sleds. I explained the controls and how to operate the machine. How to lean on steering. Look far ahead as she rides for rough terrain. I cautioned her to go slow at first just to learn the feel. She affirmed that she would follow what I had said.
Tiff set the controls for start and brought the machine to life. Tiff's eyes widen as the engine rumbled to life. Tiff waits as she had been instructed for the engine to settle down after restart. Plus I had my hand raised for her to not go just yet.
Someone must have told Tiff in order to get a snowmobile to move you must give it full throttle, For when I dropped my hand she jams the throttle lever hard to the handle bar. Now a top fuel driver would have been envious to see her reaction time. Now a 78 Cheetah isn't the fastest machine out, but if you don't respect or don't know what it can do it'll take you for a ride..
What comes next still puzzles me. Instead of backing off the throttle to turn Tiff just turns the handle bars. The machine spit her off like a rough bronc does to a city slicker. Tiff lands on her back spinning and rolling, she comes to rest face first in a snow bank. As fast as I can I get to Tiff to see if she is injured or what!
Tiff sits up shakes her head and says exuberantly "THAT WAS COOL!" . .
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