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Rated: 13+ · Letter/Memo · Erotica · #1969777
A brief profile of addictive personality.
        Nicki is a hard working Polish girl and addictive personality.
        She was raised by her mother, who divorced her alcoholic father,
        who tormented her with an egg beater and a wooden spoon when
        he was drunk.
        Nicki quickly picked up the bottle and enrolled in an online bakery course .
        Her life gravitated towards the sex industry and she soon found herself pole dancing
        covered in batter, while licking a wooden spoon.

        Her tattoo shop made little money, but her call girl services were very popular.
        The tattoo shop, became a front for her call girl services, which included pastries.
        Nicki habitually undressed in public eateries and was arrested for public indecency at
        a fast food restaurant.
        She laughed hysterically and said to the arresting officers ~

                                                        " Meat is meat! " 

        Nicki met her boyfriend at an addiction intervention meeting mandated by a court judgement.
        Ricki was a recovering heroin addict and unemployed.
        Nicki knew about Ricki's sex offenses  ... but her love was unconditional.
        The combination of meds and long abuse of heroin had rendered Ricki impotent.
        But; Nicki liked Ricki to pleasure her with a long wooden spoon and lots of batter.
        Ricki was her personal baker and made many pastries for Nicki.

        Reflection: Can we condemn Nicki for her bizzar pastries fetish?

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