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As I went along, then got stuck, I realized this is a longer story I want to explore.
"Hannah hasn't always been sheltered, though she knew only her own world. She lived in a small house near the park with her father. They didn't know much about each other despite living together for twelve years after her mother left. She knew he liked planes, hiking and star trek marathons. Every year she'd buy him a novelty plane model for his collections which he always looked forward to. Her father knew she loved to paint, spending her time in the bookstore when she wasn't busy with work and school. They knew what they liked, but knew nothing about each other's relationships outside of their home. They only knew what they told one another and never spoke of anything beyond that. Hannah stared at her ceiling, trying to find it in her to get out of bed, yet the thoughts running through her mind left her immobilized. Flashes of memories flashed through her mind: The day she moved in, her last birthday, the thoughts most have just before dying. Separation...a separation she didn't see coming, a separation that left her with an overwhelming mixture of emotions she couldn't seem to understand. One evening she took one of her trips to the park it was still fairly light, safe to wander. She sat propped up on a large rock, observing those around her, watching them come and go. An old woman walking her dog wore a large broach, with a large emerald colored marble surrounded by sparkling legs that gleamed from the moonlight. Munching on a milky way like a bird, her other hand raced the pages, trying to capture the old woman in her book before she reached the exit of the park. It was a game she played twice a week, attempting to draw as quickly and accurately as possible before a person was out of her sight. Her squiggled lines have grown to show limbs and heads, only now she decided to capture the details. As the old woman passed through the gates of the park and faded into darkness, Hannah had realized it was time to get home. She hopped off the rock, fell onto the soft grass with a thud, sprinting towards the house.

Hannah expected her father to be home, but the lights were out when she walked in. Probably working late ,she thought as she flipped through her book, eating roast at the table alone. Three hours later she woke up to the doorbell ringing. When she opened the door, she saw a pair of shiny black shoes and traced them up to a bronze badge being held in front of her face. She can't recall what the detective said. The moment he told her of her fathers death her ears went numb along with the rest of her body."

This is where I am stuck. I know I want Hannah to take an excursion in the woods, to go hiking as a way to keep the memory of her father alive, but to have an unfortunate time Also, that I want her to grow angry at herself for not getting to know him, and her hatred for nature (mostly because she feared being in the woods at night). I want her to think of all the moments she had with her father and come to the realization she knew him better than she thought. I want her last memory to be of her father telling her, "One day, I will convince you to go hiking".
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