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by adamB
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a list of equipment and their features
entry 1: solis guard Droids
X- series
the x series droids where and experimental droid that was constructed before the solis guard even existed. there were only 10 ever produced and each one had different equipment only 3 droids have survived from this series; X-5 male build and personality, X-6 female build and personality (mainly outfitted for medical purposes) and X-1 male personality but in a utility chassis(large back pack and bulky chest piece to house generator and CPU) drawing can be found here: http://adamphillip.deviantart.com/gallery/47490708

M- series
the M series of droids is the mass production series and is split into Alpha and Bravo types. Alpha droids are multi-purpose and some where built to build the excaliber. the bravo droids are the solis guards battle droids and are heavier and larger than the alpha class due to the armour and extended operations equipment.

entry 2: solis guard ground vehicles
8x8 utility trucks
these trucks are the multi-purpose workhorse of the solis guard, it is used in the army and for hauling loads around the city ships. the main ship board colour scheme is black or grey, on world operations green or grey
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