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by Autumn
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Sci-fi · #1969990
I'm sorry if you see any mistakes in my writing but I'm not going to fix em'.enjoy!-Autumn
         "C'mon, Flint!," Jasmine yells from inside of the Slivered fence's backyard barriers.
         "I'm coming!," I yell in tension as my muscles shake desperately for a dose of adrenaline.
         "Where is mom?!," Jasmine asks with curiosity and worried emotion.
         "I don't know!,"I exclaim beginning to worry as well.
         "She was right behind me when I last saw her!"finishing my sentance. The Crackling sound of the scanner from the C.I. Raider Recon Drone (RRD) As I'm looking around the downstairs kitchen,the room was silent. I Told myself not to make a sound,not even a twitch or that "Scouter Bot" will send signals to all of the C.I. within range of 200 miles from our location.The scouter has a built in laser that shoots out a wall of red heat sensing glow. The worst part of it is, it can float above the ground without a sound. The Scouter slowly turns towards my direction where I am hiding behind the boxes. Thinking I was going to die right then and there, my Dad, named Desmond, was running through the doorway with crowbar and smashed the robot over the top of its camera lid. The mechanical nightmare made a whirring camera noise and fell with a crashing thud to the ground.
         "Are you alright Flint?," Father asked out of breathe from using his strength to destroy the machine.
          "We need to get out of here quickly or another will come for us." I told him quickly.
         "RILEY! Come on!,"My Dad exclaimed in a commanding manner. I looked towards the doorway and at that moment  my Siberian Husky, Riley, came bursting through the entryway to stop in front of his tattered shoes. Jasmine was still waiting for me, Riley and my parents to come through the window sliding down the escape rope that we nailed onto the side of the old boarded up house.
         "I don't know why the C.I want to capture me so bad but I'm guessing it's not for a good cause!" I chuckled to Desmond who was waiting to climb down the rope behind me.
         "No time for funny business!," he told me in a serious tone.
         "I don't have all day!," Jasmine yelled. When we both got down the rope, I could tell that Jasmine was still worried about our Mom.
         "I'm going to go back and see if she is still in the house!" I said quickly before bolting back inside the two-story house.I knew that I couldn't go back up the rope because I am not taking the risk of another dumb scouter being in the room we just left.
         "Are you sure it's a good idea to go back in?," Jasmine asked cautiously.
         "I don't think I have a choice," I said with a sigh.
         "Alright then, but be quick,we can wait for you at a safe distance, but not for long," my Dad said with an almost unnoticeable frown. Jasmine and Desmond start running away from the house towards the forest with Riley following along side them. I went the opposite direction towards the back entrance. I then press my back up against the side of the door. Peeking through a little hole I made when I was six, I could see two people in what looks to be heavy duty gasmasks and a blood red camouflage Flak-resistant suit. Their gas masks reflected the light from outside at me, as they turn around towards the front door. The two men are carrying the same type of weapons,Vector SMGs.
         "Dang it! I can't find that little brat!" one of the men angrily says to the other.
         "Gather a search party of S.T.B.s, they will bring the boy to us," says the other guy.
         "S.T.B.? Whatever that is, I don't want to find out." I wait for the two men to walk out the door. I crouch and continue my way to the right side of the house but, I forgot one thing. When I went around the corner, the first thing I see is a floor of shattered glass.
         "I guess this was more dangerous than I expected," I say to myself in my mind. I wasn't wearing shoes at the time because I was inside sketching a Songbird from the window we came out from. I couldn't go around the other side because a S.W.A.T. type looking car with the same blood red colors as the two mens Flak - Resistant suits. Carefully walking around the shattered glass I took a second to stop and look where the glass had came from. It was from a window we had never used before,well,until now apparently. I hopped onto a dusty old wood box we were never able to open and climb through the broken window. I get about halfway through the window when I slice my leg on a jagged edge of the pain still left behind.
         "OW!," I scream from the jolt of pain going through my leg. It hurt so much I fell and started tearing up a river in my eyes,holding back the crying I  covered my mouth keeping the rest of the scream in. All of a sudden, I hear a loud thump from a hiking boot walk up behind me. After it stopped for a moment,I heard a sharp "Click."of what is to be a gun's safety lever flip to the fire button.
         "You're a sneaky little Son of a-,"  Before the C.I. unit could finish what he was saying , I had a boost of anger fill my body. I roundhouse kicked the guy off his feet, Disarming him,I take his SMG and pointed it at his face. The bold looking C.I. Unit started crawling backwards trying to avoid me soon stopped by a wall, begged for mercy.
         "You don't want to shoot a poor man do you?,"He asked me with a wimpy voice
         "You're just a little boy, You can't do anything violent can yo-,"I was still filled with anger, and shot him as he was speaking. I dropped the gun and fell to my knees sobbing softly.
         "It's that kid, get him!," a C.I officer yells pointing at me. I stop crying and get up, not being able to control my anger I start unloading on the units that are firing at me. I didn't realize how many people I shot until one man from the Armored vehicle commanded to retreat.
         "Honey?." a voice says from behind me. "Are you ok?," I turn around and there standing, is my mother.
         "Were you hiding all this time?"  I ask as I started to calm down.
"Nevermind that.," she says to me "We need to go find your father!"
I drop the gun and she grabs my hand, then mom and I go searching for my father and sister.

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