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by Gaby
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Mostly for fun...
I sat here, glued to this worn out chair, typing away on my favorite site, when the phone's automated message said 'You've got mail'. On any other day, I would have clicked on a different tab and checked my inbox, but there weren't any new tabs open and the new item I've been working on couldn't be put off any longer. Not to mention, by clicking somewhere else, the project would have been forgotten and I would have closed it before remembering to save it.

Typing in the pass-code on the fancy - which is another word for overpriced - phone, I noticed a new email on Writing.com. How exciting, I thought, then wondered who it was from, and clicked on it before reading the sender's name.

The screen presented me with all sorts of messed up coding creating a complete mess on the small screen. I exited then opened it up again, but the problem persisted. As I debated with myself and tried to decipher the cryptic message, against my better judgement, I pointed my computer mouse on one of the links on the screen, clicked the right button and voila! New page!

Eager to read my email, my mouse sped across the screen as my eyes followed. The project I worked so hard on, still on my mind as I double checked to make sure it's still present. I made a mental note not to forget about it and to return to it as soon as I read the new message.

My eyebrow lifted off its own accord when I realized that the sender's name was mine. As far as I could remember, I hadn't sent any emails to myself recently. My To-do list sat right next to me as I scanned it, then rolled my eyes at it before returning my attention to the screen and the mysterious contents of the email. Then I started reading, just to see what I wrote to myself.

Dear Me,

I reckon my last letter didn't reach you since I haven't heard from you, nor have I seen any changes I proposed. If it did reach you and you lacked the will to respond, I cannot blame you. The last two years have been pretty tough on you. Your life has been turned upside down and unwelcome changes occurred that you had no choice but to deal with. However, I refuse to believe that you've given up on everything that is important to you. We both know how stubborn you can be and I encourage you to use that attribute to good effect. In all fairness, you've been pretty lazy no matter the circumstances and I wish to change that...

I snorted at the last words in the first paragraph, shaking my head disapprovingly. I couldn't imagine anyone, least of all me, writing something as horrible as this. I kept reading, not agreeing with any of the statements made.

...I hope my words haven't been too cruel. Even if, I will not apologize. I wish you only the best in everything you do. Be brave and strong, persistent and open to suggestions, creative and organized (this came as an afterthought, since you're like a tornado leaving destruction in its wake) but most of all have faith in yourself.

Your most trusted friend,


This can't be right, I thought. The letter in question had been sent a year prior and just made its appearance now. Peculiar. I glanced at it once more, ignored half of its contents since I already knew what it said, and sat in silence, debating what to do about it.

My first though had been to delete it, but I knew I couldn't. It took me forever to learn how to delete notifications from my email, let alone something as important as this. Instead, I hit reply and started typing.

Dear Me,

You haven't wounded me with your cruel words. I'll have you know that I'm much tougher than I look. I must say though, your attempts at sarcasm have failed completely. As we both know, neither you nor I have won the Dear Me contest last year, unless you're hiding something from me. For your own good, if you know something that I don't, I hope you come forth with the information, or it'll cost you dearly in the long run.

That said, let me clarify some things for you. This past year, I have done more than you ever did. I still don't understand as to who you are to tell me what to do! Shame on you. As much as I don't like to brag, perhaps it will do you good to read the progress I've made.

Shortly after I wrote you the letter, which you so conveniently misplaced, I met a wonderful member on Writing.com with whom I created a new group. Our focus is reviewing novels only, and in the past year the group grew tremendously, but that's not the best part. The best part is, I've met so many wonderful people because of it, you'd be jealous. In fact, I know you will be when you read this.

After that, everything else fell into place. A fundraiser, new games and activities, contests! Fun stuff, yes, but that's not all. I managed to enter a few contests myself. So what if I didn't win? Who are you to judge?! You know how I forget to edit items once I finish writing them. That's my only downfall.

The thing is, I have done so much, and plan on doing so much more this year. However, the biggest accomplishment of all had been the fifty thousand words for NaNoWriMo! Oh, it sure was hard and at times I had to push myself to write, but I did it! Still, the novel isn't done yet. That is the plan for this year and I'll make sure I finish it.

I know you'll be weeping when you read all this, but I can't help myself. It feels good to show you all the things I have done in the past year. Fear or, like you said, dislike of reviewing? All in the past! I managed to do over hundred and fifty reviews, but my plan is to double that number. What do you say to that?!

Truth is, I did need a kick in the rear, but that's all in the past. I'm focused now. I've got set goals. Reading at least two books a month if not more can't be that hard. Entering five more contests this year and maybe even write in genres I used to be afraid of writing in? Peace of cake. Anything is possible! As for my book, I'll finish it, polish it, and give publishing a try. Either way, this year I'm going to write the next one. Call me crazy, but writer's block is a thing of the past. I've learned to overcome it. I know you'd love to know how I did that, but I can't share such a big secret with you.

Now, before I wrap this up, let me ask you one thing? Did you notice my blue case? It's so pretty and shiny. Makes you wish you had one as well, right? Ha! Too bad. I know it's a low blow, but you better step up your game if you want to catch me!

Hugs and until next year!

~ Me
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P.S. I'll email SM and check as to why it took a whole year for this letter to arrive. He better hope it's not a bug or he'll have his hands full sorting out the snail mail.

Satisfied with my answer, I did a quick preview before sending it off, a smug smile on my face. I let the feeling wash over me in gentle waves before I searched the many links to find the right forum to report the problem. Better late than never, I thought. After clicking on various items, none of which were the right forum but rather something shiny that distracted me from my task at hand, I found the right one and posted a note with my concerns. SM will know what to do with that, I thought, then looked at the clock.

Shocked to see the hour of midnight approaching, I remembered that I had to work the next day. With a quickness of lightening striking the ground, I exited out of the program and turned the computer off just to remember that I forgot to save my work in progress I worked so hard on.

I went to bed devastated, the smirk on my face erased.
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