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This is my view on poverty and the life of the poor people, in brief
In the lap of darkness and ignorance of poverty,
Lie hunger and sorrows.
There are exploitations and deceit
Lurking in the shadows.

With fear prowling in their hearts,
Anger at the inequality
They go about their life
Hoping for some security.

Wistfully upon the rich, the children gaze for the want of small joys,
And the youth gaze for the want of freedom,
While elders look expectantly upon every campaigning politician,
Setting aside all their wisdom.

There have been several schemes
To alleviate poverty
But finally, at the grass root level,
These plans are in paucity.

It is sad to see such people
And I would love to help those in need.
But, unless it’s a genuine case, I refrain,
As I do not wish to plant a climber’s seed.
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