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Dear Me,

Hey Girl! Remember that experiment that the Psych 101 professor had us do at the beginning of the year, predicting our grades? It was amazing how many were accurate and a great example of how goal setting can work. So, away we go!

2013 was a strange year, wasn't it? You learned a lot about yourself and although it doesn't seem that you accomplished all that much, you definitely grew. The past year was almost like a winter season, appropriate for the Old Crone in you. You moved slowly but did a lot of thinking about what you do and don't want. You stood up for yourself and people's reactions still make you laugh. You realized that life is no longer about getting, but giving. There are many opportunities to do that and so hard to choose which path to take. But you already know the answer. It came the other day in the form of one thought: "It will all come together." Beginning right now, in 2014:

You take good care of the physical body with proper nutrition and yoga.
You take good care of the spiritual with dance, yoga and meditation.
You write for at least fifteen minutes per day.
You create your dream job within the next six months.

You don't let past "failures" cloud your vision, as they were important lessons that are helping you now. This is your time. I know you can do it. I know that you will do it.


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