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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Adult · #1970352
Story about, two people, adult themed, but will take a while to get there.
Time to get up, I say to myself, as I rollover on my queen-size bed alone, and look at the clock, I guess it’s time to get ready. As I do my normal wake up routine, do my business in the bathroom, followed by a shave, then by a shower. 10 minutes later i get out and dry off. I decide and layout my clothes for the day, a black and blue pinstripe suit, with a dark navy shirt, and a black and blue pinstripe tie. I dress then head downstairs, turn on the TV, as usual ESPN, to see what has happen in the sports world, especially in the college ranks. Grab a glass of orange juice and some cinnamon toast for breakfast as I relax for a few minutes before I head off to work.

I jump in my 2003 Kia Optima pull out the garage and I head off to work. The drive in downtown is horrible, Los Angeles traffic just seems to get worse every year it seems, I think as I finally make it to work. I pull into the parking garage at Apex International make the way through the garage until I pull up to my reserved parking place, Vice President of Marketing, Aden Jones.(Some people might be wondering, why a Vice President of a prominent, internationally renown company would be driving a 10 year old car, to put it simply it was my first major purchase that I made when I got hired here, and also I’m a minimalist and a little nostalgic).

As I walk up towards the security desk I show my ID to the guard, Frank, “Good morning, Mr. Jones,” he say politely.

“Morning, Frank, how are the kids?”

“Annoying, but lovely as usual.”

We chuckle, and I move on and start heading towards the elevator. People are courteous and polite. As I’m standing around waiting for the elevator, a gorgeous blond walks up and stands right next to me, “Good morning,” I say being polite.

She looks at me and gives me the once over, don’t know what she’s looking at, I’m 32 years old 6’3” 220 lbs., very fit. I played some football when I was in high school, I only started 3 years at quarterback, won 2 state championships,. Then went to college played at UCLA and only started for 2 years, won a heisman, NCAA championship that same year, that was the first year. The second year I blew out my knee, torn PCL, MCL, ACL, broke my kneecap, and sprained my ankle (took an arrow to the knee) followed by health issues, because the doctor severely screwed up. Then she gives me a seductive smile and says, “Aren’t you Mr. Jones?”

I nod and say, “Yes, I am, and you are?" Still trying to be polite.

“I’m Shanie, I work under you on the 23rd floor,” she says as she extends her manicured right hand.

“Hello, Shanie, a pleasure to meet you,” as I shake her hand, and give her the once over too. She’s wearing a tight black blouse, with four buttons undone showing off an impressive amount of cleavage, half her shirt is undone, she is close to be spilling out of her blouse, and if you look hard enough (actually you really don’t have to look that hard) you can see a lacy light blue bra, also with a tight black high-rise skirt, several inches above her knee. Smooth long legs that lead down towards a pair of 5 inch black stilettos.

“So,” she looks at me with a pair of sharp blue eyes, “I hear that you’re going to be having an opening in Sales, and I was wondering if you could consider me for the opening,” she looks over to me, and bends slightly at the waist giving me a look right down her blouse bursting cleavage, “I’m a very hard worker, willing to do anything for the job,” she more or less whispers into my ear.

Wow, really, just wow, she thinks by fucking me that she’ll get the job, I think to myself. I say to her with a nonchalant smile, while taking a step to the side, “Well, Shanie, to be honest, I haven’t the foggiest idea of what you're talking about, but when a opening come around, I’ll give you an opportunity to interview for the position.”

She looks disappointed at me, for not giving her the job on the spot. We both head into the elevator, and throughout the whole ride she can’t even look at me. The elevator finally stops at the 23rd level and she gets out. After the doors close, all I can do is chuckle and shake my head.

As I get off the elevator on my floor, the 47th, and I start to head to my office. I past the conference room, its pack as usual. Everyday I like to start off like this, just to see where everybody is at, I like to be kept updated on all things. “The Gentle Hard-Ass” is what they call me. They don’t think I know, but I do, and actually kind of like it, it more or less fits. I’m a ‘Hard-Ass’ because I expect the best, I don’t stand for laziness or half-hearted attempts. For example if an employee messes up I expect a man-size shape whole in a wall from how hard they hit it. I’m ‘Gentle’ because I also give the best from salaries to office space, and I will do my best to help an employee. I will run through that wall with them, but I do still expect them to do their share of the work, but I don’t take credit away from anybody. Stealing somebody's credit in this business is the worst thing that could happen to a person.

As I make my way past the conference room, and head to my office, I noticed my most loyal and trusted employee, who has been with me for years, Katyln (Kate or Katie) Martinez. Kate is a gorgeous, and beautiful specimen of latin descent, from her silky-smooth black hair, just below the shoulder, hair, to her sharp stunning green, soul piercing, eyes, set behind a set of librarian black rimmed glasses. Dark cherry color lipstick, that radiates off her light olive skin. A crimson suit jacket, in front of a white blouse with two buttons undone showing tastefully appropriate cleavage, not like Shanie, but enough to realize that she is very well endowed. Her skirt is tight, but not overly, her long legs are covered in a pair of black stockings down to her 3 inch crimson pumps. She looks up from her, OCD like organized, desk and with her million dollar smile says, “Good Morning, Boss!”

“Good morning, Katie,” I can’t help but smile back, and think about all that we have been through together.
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