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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Adult · #1970357
Story about two people, adult theme but will take a while to get there
She has been by my side since I first started at the company, right out of college, in the past years we have been through everything. From staff turnovers, huge contract negotiations, betrayals and everything else in between. She is the only person in the whole world that I can honestly say I trust.

It all started back when I got hired at Apex International, right out if college as junior salesman. When my boss (who does not work here, anymore, but that's a whole other chapter) hired me, he said that every employee, has a tradition here, they are allowed to hire their own personal assistant, to fit thier own personal needs. But, I could only do the interviewing after, or in between, my training orientation and that the position needed to be filled by the end of the week.

To be honest I didn’t know what to look for when hiring something like this, I thought that it would have been handled by the in house Human Resources Department. So I took advantage of this situation and decided that I was going to hire somebody that would be extraordinary. This will be filled by Tuesday, I thought to myself, who the hell wouldn’t want to work for a person like me, a considerate person who could handle anybody, but I was just starting out, and be willing to grow with me.

It didn’t take a lot of time for me to learn my job, pretty self explanatory really. I was done with the training by Wednesday afternoon. Through those three days I only managed to do a couple of interviews, and nobody that I interviewed stood out. It seemed like what I was looking for didn’t exist. But I wasn’t disappointed, like I said I only managed to interview a few people. And Thursday I would spend the whole day interviewing potential people, and I was ecstatic about that.

What the fuck happen? Did I send for the most incompetent people in the whole fucking world or something? I was getting frustrated. For a couple of reasons, first my office feels like a freaking shoe box, and the second after I’d interviewed close to 30 people, there was one person that I could say was decent. I wouldn’t call her intelligent, but at least she knew her way around an office and more or less knew what Apex did. But the whole intelligence thing was bugging the hell at of me because I don’t think I could stand dealing with a ‘bimbo’ everyday. Most of the other people who I interviewed didn’t even know what Apex International even did, (Apex International does a little bit of everything from Sales and Marketing to Business growth, what they mainly handle are the contracts and contract negotiations between companies we are the ‘arbitrator', a middle ground, where people and/or companies can come to fix their issues) its hard to explain what the job entails when you don’t know what the company does. Anyway I was done for the day I so decided to get ready to leave, gathered up the resumes from the people who had already interviewed and filed them away properly (trash can was full that day I feel for the janitorial crew that night). Okay I have ‘Miss Bimbo’ already in my back pocket, so if I don’t find what I’m looking for she’ll do. Hopefully tomorrow will have better set of interviews.

Friday rolled around started going through the interviews nothing special or worth noting. Lunchtime was coming around shortly and I only had a few more before I anoint Miss Bimbo my assistant. So the way I thought, If I do one more before lunch, that means I won’t have to do to many more. I picked up the next one on the stack opened up the resume and started reading, Katyln Martinez, 18 years old, just graduated from high school, damn, great grades, hmm but no college or work experience, I stopped reading, why would she even apply? Why skip college? looking at the time, It’s 1127, maybe if do this quick interview I’ll be done at, lets say 1200 1215, and back to the ‘shoe box’ and then call ‘Miss Bimbo’ and tell her she’s got the job. Then be done with this horrible thoughtless idea.

I get up from behind desk take, what feels like, 3 steps toward my door, open it and invited her in. She was a beautiful woman, and I do mean woman, she might only be 18 on paper (games are not played on paper, but inside television sets) but she looks like 22. Even though she tried to hide her beauty, from what she was wearing, she still couldn’t pull it off. She tried so hard to hide her huge breast but she couldn’t, and when you’re 5’10” you can’t exactly hide those legs either. She looked right at me with her sharp soul piercing eyes, held at her right hand, and with her million dollar smile, she introduced herself.

After the introductions we sat down, made fun of the ‘shoe box’ to break the ice, then proceed with the interview:

“So, Katyln,” I say as look at the resume to make sure I’m talking to the right person(it’s happen before get ready to start the interview and start looking at the wrong resume).

“Please call me, Kate or Katie,” she corrected me.

“Okay, Kate or Katie,” I say with a quick smile, which then she returned, but then my smile turned into a neutral expression, “I don’t want to come off harsh or rash, but but why should I hire you? You don’t have, even attempted to apply to a college, or any work experience? I had other interviewees that had more experience in this field of work, than you have been alive.”

The she says something to even this day surprises me, “Well you should."

“Hmm, what?” Not really paying attention, but that changed.

“Well you should if you want somebody that can barely type, hopefully gets your name right when they answer the phone, and can maybe sort your mail correctly, and do you dictation incorrectly, but that’s not why I’m here,” She’s more or less right, thinking to myself, as she changes her posture to give a more confident position, “Just imagine this, a personal assistant, secretary, or administrative assistant, or whatever you want to call it, that you could sculpt into what you want from the ground up, and still do a better job at the other things like, typing, answer your phone, sorting the mail correctly, and doing the dictation perfectly.”

“What do you mean exactly?” I was curious.

“I know that you are a new hire low-level employee just starting out at Apex International, the problem fixer organisation. And also that you are a recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from UCLA with a 3.9. You have a major in Business Management and a minor in Business Development , which means that you are not going to be in this ‘shoebox’ for long, and you are looking for a person assistant that would be with you a you rise through the company and up the corporate ladder. Also you are looking for the person who is as hardworking as you and loyal to you, and just you.”

I was floored by what she said, I didn’t expect this from her. I lean back in my chair, which is squeaking by the way, and look at this charming woman from a different view. I was expecting ‘airhead just out high school’ girl, not this woman. “...” I sit there for about 30 seconds not saying anything just looking at her, “first off, do I know you, and if I don’t how do you know so much about me?”

Kate, still confident, just smiles “Do you think, I would walk into this interview, and not be prepared, you don’t know me but I know you. Aden Jones, the Heisman winning quarterback for the UCLA Bruins, and also the NCAA championship for the year, too, a sophomore at the time. Even though the pro scouts were begging for you to leave school and enter the draft, you decided to return to school for your junior year. But during your junior companion during the first game of the season versus, of all teams, SMU you blew out you knee and you almost lost that same leg because of severe neglect by the doctors during your recovery you almost lost your leg, then you and your lawyer filed a malpractice lawsuit against the doctor who performed the operation. And while this was happening you put all of your time into school work and graduated Summa Cum Laude, as I said before, with a major in business management, and a minor in business development. I’m going to put it out there that you are planning to work as hard as you played on the football field, right? and also how’s the leg?”

I just sitting there while she more or less recites my life story(all she said is right by the way), rubbing my leg, “...it’s better…, so who are you my stalker personal assistant person, or somethin’?” I say in a serious but sarcastic tone.

“No, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn last night,” we bust out in laughter at this, “No, but seriously I’m just a huge Bruin’s fan.

She looks a little red, I say to myself, she’s cracking me up, what’s she going to say next? I just sit there still stunned trying to figure on what she'll say next, hell or even what I say.

"Like I said I'm not looking just to fill the position. I'm looking to change it into something like a partnership or an intimate relationship," turning still red, and with a seductive smile, "without the sex if of course, but I will do anything that you need."

"I'm not..." And I wasn't.

"That came out a little strong didn't," with a innocent smile and chuckle.

I chuckled back, glad that she eased the tension, "I'm intrigued in what you your proposing (to say that I was intrigued was actually an insult), but I still have a couple if questions 1. Why? 2. Why me? 3. For what purpose in the long run? 4. And how would this work, if I agree of course?"

Well great questions, to answer the first one one 'why' it is in two parts really; 1. First part, why not, aren't two head better than one. Especially,when it comes to solving problems that would come up from issues in this business, I know that I don't have 'college smarts'(yet), but what I do have are 'street smarts'. We would be a great combo, I'm not saying that we would have to always agree, especially since you are the boss, and I would do everything that you say and complete it with haste and fruition."

She takes a breath and looking flushed, "And for the second part, which is a little more personal. I'm not great when it comes to crowds. Work places, like this, would be fine, because I could just throw myself into what I'm doing and forget about the people around me. But for me to stand up and make a presentation, infront of a group of total strangers, I...I couldn't do it."

"The second question, 'why you', easy you are good, if not great in front of crowds of people. Two examples, first do you remember during your Heisman and championship run, the game versus USC. When we were down by three touchdowns in the fourth quarter with 5 minutes and some change left?" Rhetorical question really, of course I remember it was the game I lock up the Heisman, thinking to myself, as the flushed look is really starting to show now, "my mother and I were there, sitting behind the Bruins bench, sitting more or less in the first row, and I saw you, number 13 Jones, yelling at the defense during a timeout, what happen next? The next defensive play The ball was picked off and returned for a touchdown. The next time you got the ball, with something like 3:45 left, I think, left and with 90 seconds you brought them down and scored. Then with under a minute to play the guys in defense call the last time out, and I saw you on the field congratulating them for a great job. Then, they went back on the field stopping the Trojans with 15 seconds left. Everybody in the stadium thought you couldn't drive 76 yards and in only 15 seconds with no time outs, but you did. And the when when everybody in the stadium thought you were going to kick the ball to send it to overtime, but you forced the head coach to pull you off the field, which he didn't, and he left you stay in for a two point conversion, and you made it with a QB Sweep!" Wow, just, wow is all I can think right now.

"The second example," to be honest I wanted to stop her, but I was just so amazed by her to stop her, "after you tore your leg up, by the way one of the saddles moments if my life," completely flustered even starting to squirm in her seat now "and the doctor screwed up the operation, making you not able to come back and play," which was true, by the way, thinking to myself as she continues, "and then what happen at graduation, where you, on crutches, received your two diplomas while getting a standing ovation by the crowd, then you gave your speech. Which brought tears to some people's eyes. Like I said my a huge fan of UCLA." She says, by her look you can tell she's hot, and uncomfortable by the way she has her hands in her lap trying to stop her from squirming in her seat, which isn't helping.

She takes a couple deep breaths as she continues, "third question, for what purpose, well the way I was thinking in 20 or 30 years, if this works out. I might write a book, and start my own matchmaking company between a boss and an assistant."

"Fourth question, how would this work, lets see, similar to how a boss and assistant work now. But, then we'll see how it evolves from there, we both can make suggestions, then if we agree we'll do it," she says with arousal on her face, and in her voice, and can also she her large breasts start to rise up and down rapidly, "but to be honest, we don't even have to agree, just tell me what you want and I'll do it. I would be the power behind you, never taking credit or recognition, but I would gladly do all the dirty work, while trying to keep your image clean for the employees and customers," almost dancing in her seat now, "um, Mr. Jones, can I please use the bathroom and get something to drink, it's really hot in here?"

"Of course," needing a few minutes myself, "while your in the restroom, I'll grab us something to drink."

All I can do is sit there as she leaves the office, I have a raging erection that doesn't want to go down. I wait a few minutes for 'my boy' to calm down before I head out of the office. When I do get out from my seat and around my desk, I noticied her chair, that she was using, it's glistening. Thinking nothing of it i head out of the 'shoebox' and grab us some water from the cooler, and head to the office.

It took her a good 10 minutes, before she returned, I took this time to look back over and review her resume once more. I really like this idea she has, but why doesn't she go to college first, then start this adventure. I say to myself as she renters the office. As she gets ready to sit down, she notices that the seat is still glistening, her face is red with embarrassment as she snaps her head up to see I'd I had noticed it. I don't give her the affirmation that I did or not. I just play it off as nothing had happen. The embarrassment seems to ease from her face.

"I needed that, thank you, Mr. Jones," she says as she loses the embarrassment.

"No problem," I say smiling, as I glance up from her resume,"everybody needs to go at one time or another." As I return to
It. Especially since you almost wetted yourself, Ms. Martinez. I say to myself.

"So," as as I return to my neutral expression, that I started the interview with, "lets return to it shall we, I just have a couple more questions before we wrap this interview up."

"Okay, Mr. Jones, I'm an open book, anything you want to know I'll answer as truthfully as possible," she chimes in.

"Okay then, Kate," she smiles, when I say this, "why are you not in college, I don't even see an application to an university on here, and from what I see from your grades. You could have picked your choice of a college, they would have been begging you to attend. You graduated Valedictorian, and one have two, no, three glowing recommendations from two teachers and a guidance counselor, why not try to least go?"

"I, um," seeing to lost all of her confidence that see had earlier, her beautiful green eyes weren't even looking at me now, " I can't go, yet, my family needs me. My father died when I was 7, and my mother is ill, and I will not leave her. We are all we have left, and I will not let her be alone. I, I just couldn't do that to her."

" I'm sorry that I even brought it up," was all I could say.

"No problem," seems to cheer back up, "you had the right to ask."
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