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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Adult · #1970386
Story about two people, adult themed but will take time to get there.
After I leave the conference room I head down towards the elevator, and sitting in a chair next to it is Kate. She's sitting crosslegged, and she's staring intently at her cellphone, and her glasses have fallen down her nose. I've made my way towards her, and she doesn't realize that it's me, so she just keeps looking at her cellphone, "We'll, Ms. Martinez," I start, as she looks at me with a non purposeful, and yet a seductive look, "ah, are you ready to call it a day?" I say, as put my hands in my pockets.

"I guess, I'm just sitting here waiting for my boss," she flashes that million dollar smile.

"Well, let me know when he gets here," I smile as I sit down next to her, as we wait for the elevator," I hear he's a hard-ass."

"You have no idea," she says with a seductive smile.

"Actually, I've heard he's an asshole," I say stretching, "he makes you work long, strenuous, non stop hours. Doesn't give give enough time off to enjoy yourself, am I right?"

"No," she hits me on my shoulder, "he's, actually, nothing like that." As she brushes her hair back away from her face.

"Ow," I yelp sarcastically, and we start to laugh, as the elevator dings, the doors open up.

"So, boss," she says, as we get up and head into the, now, open elevator, "how do it go?"

"I think fairly well," I says as I follow her in, "but, honestly, Mr. Spencer hates me now."

Her face changes to worried look, "that's not good..."

She starts, but interrupt her before she can finish, "But was fantastic, the mystery man, who everybody was terrified about, likes me."

"Why does that matter, Aden?" Still looking worried, she chimes in.

"Because of who the mystery man is," I say as I look directly into her piercing eyes, while sticking my hands in my pockets, "Mr. Verlander."

"Do you mean," she's stunned, "The Mr. Verlander was the mystery man? The Verlander that's the CEO of Apex International?

"Yes!" I replied. I start to replay the conversation about the mom and pops and the cleaning service. She seems to relax. Then I tell her about the 'trust conversation' the I had with Mr. Spencer and Mr. Verlander, when I tell her this she blushes heavily.

We stay silent for about 30 seconds, during this I look up at the floor number to see where we are, then she speaks, "Is, what you said, true?"

"Is what, true?" Looking down at her.

"That you trust me, more than, any other employee?"

"Yes, absolutely," looking directly into her green eyes, "you have given me no reason, not to trust you."

She grabs my arm, wraps herself around it, "That's so sweet, Aden," she looks beet red now, "thank you so much for that." As she lays her head on my shoulder, as we make our way down to the bottom floor.
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