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A spiritual journey.. sort of.
      The young lad sat at the lunchroom table alone.  The other students thought he was creepy.
      He really wasn't creepy, but his mother had chosen a life as a Satanist.

      "Jerome can I sit with you?" a slender girl stood beside the pale outcast.

      "Please do. You'r Kasha ?" the lad smiled back at her.

      "Yes. It's an ancient Hun name for ' horseman.' "  Kasha smiled back.

      "Okay ! Ah, I think I'm named after a Saint, who was burned at the stake at the Roman circus.
      Kind of creepy, huh ?"  Jerome shrugged.

      "So.. Jerome .. do you really worship the Devil ?" Kasha smiled wickedly.  Jerome snorted milk out his nose, suppressing a laugh.

      "Ah.. no. My mom is a Satanist .. I don't know what to believe, but mom's okay with that she says she only worships life and
      hard work, but she has a lot of friends, who do black masses in the garage sometimes.

      They chant and get naked and have sex.  I'll peek in through keyhole in the kitchen door .."  Jerome said and then gulped his hamburger.

      "Wow ! That's so awesome. I wish my parents weren't so uptight about sex and homework.  I could rape you."  Kasha blushed and nibbled a

      Jerome winked at Kasha,  "Maybe we could have our ceremony ... when my mom's not home ?"

      In two shakes of a lamb's tail Kasha and Jerome were in his mom's garage naked and having sex donkey style.
      A strange breeze rose up around them and a voice spoke from all around them ~

                                                                  "A horse nation is upon you !
                                                                  Neighing she comes !
                                                                  Prancing you ride her ! "

      Kasha shook her head and beat one foot to the floor 3 times,  "Am I the Devil's horse ?"

                                                                  "The moon is full of falling leaves.
                                                                  The long grass is stiff
                                                                  and the water flows cold."

      The voice continued and a great force lifted the two young lovers up into the ceiling that had become a swirling cloud.

                                                                  "In a sacred manner I appear
                                                                  with a sacred face of paint
                                                                  behold me ! "

      A ancient Indian warrior face appeared to them and they beheld the world as it was new.
      Kasha wept in Jerome's arms .  The beauty of the Earth before mankind had beset her with tears.
      They stood in a field by a crystal stream.  Jerome looked about for his mother's house.  There was miles of wilderness.
      "Kasha I believe we are here forever."  he whispered into her ear.

      "Now you have faith." Kasha whispered back and they walked naked hand in hand threw Paradise.

      Reflections :  People can believe anything, but what touches you most?

      ^ ^

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