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a inmature boy goes through his life the hard way then turns it around
Boy To Man

By: Tyler Morgan

I was changed by then. I didn’t get it. Why wasn’t I starting? I don’t understand why Terrell is starting. He’s definitely not as good, but my past affects my privileges. Coach walked in my room and said “ Son, We need you to step up”, he claims.

It started when I was young. I was hanging around the wrong people. They became more than casual friends eventually. We skipped school, stole, and hurt people for no reason. I didn’t think I could turn around. I was in too deep. My parents……they wouldn’t care. The time came and I decided to do drugs. My friends and I thought we were cool and tough. Eventually I went to college and the only reason I got into TCU was because I could throw the baseball. They didn’t know what I did every time I pitched. I did amazing every time. I was also hooked. I couldn’t stop using.

I got a call the morning of my next game saying you have a spot on the LA Dodgers if you want it. I went to my debut. They caught me using and I was suspended for one whole season.

For one whole year I worked extremely hard. I was clean! I got strong mentally and in strength. I’m ready to go to war. Opening day came and I was starting. We all were prepared. I pitched a no hitter. Coach was impressed. I did great the rest of the year with very few loses.

It was the World Series, game seven, against the Boston Red Socks. Coach says Terrell is starting. I was angry. Thankfully before the game I had calmed myself down. Right before we were to take the field, Coach told me some Sox’s fans had assaulted Terrell somehow and now I was going to start. I was ready to go. I was worried about Terrell but went on to take care of business. I had to pitch good for Terrell and my team. This was it. World Series Championship time!

It was the bottom of the ninth; three-two, bases loaded, two outs and we were up five to four. I had to deliver the pay off pitch. I rare back and threw a100 mph fastball. He takes a hack at it and missed. STRIKE! Strike out- WE WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! I pitched a complete game and felt that I really needed it to show my team and Coach that I was back and they meant a lot to me. I really have learned my lesson. I told Coach, “Thanks for believing in me, I won’t let you down. See you at training camp”.
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