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How a football overcame an injurie n
A Football Life

By:Drew Brock

“He’s rolling out trying to get the ball out” screamed the announcer “he’s going to run with it, ohm got hit hard and only gained two yards.” As soon as the player got hit he knew what had happened. The quarterback Jason had broken his left leg, Jason had known what had happened but he just didn't want to accept it. Jason had got so much shock his eyes had flushed of color. The ambulance got there as fast as they could.                                        The next few hours where a blur to Jason. He flashed in and out of moments first he saw the E.R. sing, then next he heard the doctor about his leg. When he finally woke up he try to find his surroundings. He saw a giant heart monitor sign then his parents. His mother then saw her son awake and the words almost jumped out of her mouth.”James wake up” his mom had almost slapped him to death. They all hugged and soon afterward the doctor came in and exclaimed all that had happened but Jason only had one question “How will I not be able to play sports?”The doctor then said “ You want be able to play sports for four months.”                                        When Jason returned to school he felt like all eyes were on him. Jason changed that day who never talk to his friends it seemed like he had no friends his mom noticed this. He always asked his mom was it my fault or was it the linemen fault. Jason always said it was nobody's fault.                                                                      Basketball season soon came after football the team went 7-3 seven straight wins without him. Jason always loved basketball his mom wanted to help him so she signed him up for a wheelchair basketball league. Jason was doing what he loved again. That’s all he wanted do what he loved. 

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