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An introduction to the world of bodyhopper.
Research notes on Bodyhoppers

Part 1

Bodyhoppers are humans that have the ability to possess another human being by simply melting into them. These so-called hoppers have very unique mutation in their gene that allows them to change from solid state to more insubstantial form such as liquid or gaseous form (so far, I haven’t found any bodyhoppers that can change their form to gas, but it doesn’t mean that they didn’t exist) which in those state, a bodyhopper can physically meld itself into the body of a normal human and effectively merging with them.

When they successfully override their host brain by wrapping their liquid form inside their ‘mount’(they use this term to describe someone they take over) brain, you could say that now the body is now under a new management, The bodyhopper management to be exact. The victim doesn’t have any access or control to their bodily functions and their mind is put into dream-like state. Some normal people would call this activity as  ‘possession’ but the  bodyhoppers have their own term in this activity, something they called ‘bodyhopping’ or ‘mounting’.

Also, in their mount bodies, they are able to access their host memories, being able to sift through the person’s memories and utilize them. They are also know to be able to manipulate their host’s brevis term memoria (short term memories) through some kind of brain synapse manipulation. You could say that a bodyhopper could impersonate that person without someone even noticing a slightest difference about it, thanks to their mind-reading skills.

The only indication that someone has been taken over by a hopper is a strange, visual cue. In reflected images such as mirrors or the surfaces of bodies of water, a bodyhopper  face is visible replacing their host face. Electronic media such as film and video show this startling revelation as well, with a new set of facial features clearly visible in the images they capture. Doubling it however, removes the traces of the bodyhopper face. As far as this research note goes, I still doesn’t know for a thing why a bodyhopper face would surfaces in mirrors, videos and other reflective medias ,I shall continue researching this matter.

Part 2

It is to be noted that these bodyhopper gene are recessive, meaning that it could go undetected through several generations without one appearing in that generation. This mutation is so extremely rare that it’s expected only 1 in 10.000.000 person in the world inherit this malicious (yet awesome) gene. Often this gene is dominated by other gene and disappeared completely. Other notable difference in this gene compared to your average gene is that supposedly this gene have to be ‘activated’ inside the body of it’s host, and there are only two way to activate this gene which is:

1. Exchange of bodily fluid  (e.g. saliva, blood, or sexual contact) between someone who have hopper gene that isn’t activated yet with someone that have activated their hopper gene (but most of the times, bodyhoppers prefer having sex to transfer their bodily fluid)

2.Exchange of bodily fluid between two person that have dormant bodyhopper gene but haven’t activated their bodyhopper gene, their exchange of bodily fluid will either trigger one or both the dormant gene to be activated.

Once the exchange of bodily fluid is done and the gene is activated, the dormant bodyhopper is ‘activated’ meaning that now they can take over other people body by effectively melting into every orifice and opening that’s possible, But in some rare cases it takes days or even weeks for that ability to manifest. The factors regarding the pace of someone to be able to bodyhop is still in haze as we lack on subjects, but from recent research, it is to be noted that healthy body helps to manifest the bodyhopping ability faster. Sometimes they will caught a fever during the process that’s also known as ‘hopper fever’ which symptoms include lower back pain, high fever, and tingling feeling all over the skin, this indicated the bizarre change in their physical structure while the body is adapting with the changes.

Psychologically, hopper are rather selfish, cruel beings as they often see other humans as potential mounts. Since most bodyhopper are male, they seem to tend to bodyhop a nubile female body and use it as they see fit, getting a kind of supreme sexual satisfaction out of having a body under their control. However, recent found tell me that not all bodyhoppers are that evil. In fact I have seen for myself that there’s still bodyhoppers out there that still respect their mount’s body that they ‘borrow’. Most of them they just wanted to know what their mount think of them and they want to experience living for a while as a female to satisfy their curiosity. Some hoppers even think that it’s fun to impersonate someone and try living their life (while trying all possible skimpy outfits that is). Whatever it is, I can only say that those evil nor  the ‘not-so-evil’ bodyhoppers have something in common, which is the urge to bodyhop someone.

Part 3

Other interesting feature that this sort of mythical being exhibits is that when mounting for a long time, the bodyhopper can lose their identity. During a recent research, I found that a prolonged exposure to these invaders will leave the body of the host grow weary of it’s presence and offered less resistance. Thus thinking these invaders as it’s own, more to accepting it than to rejecting it and also the bodyhopper grew less aware of this new symbiotic relationship. Eventually, a prolonged exposure like this will render the blob (liquid form of the bodyhopper) to be accepted as a part of the nerve system, effectively fusing itself into it’s host brain.

The main reason these bodyhoppers got stuck in their host body is that they tend to procrastinate themselves without knowing their time limit. From my research I found that their maximum time to be staying inside their mount is around 2-3 weeks, other than that the hopper will slowly lost their conscious mind and become one with their host. These are especially dangerous since most of the bodyhoppers often lose track of the time when they’re inside a mount.

Anyways, this is almost the end for my temporary research notes. This part is dedicated for my kinsfolk Alex and Harry which helped me with my research (and thanks to Cammy as well for her dedication to constantly helping me monitoring these boys advancements ),and thanks Julienne especially to be the willing voluntary mount for my research and all the others who helped me during my research to discover more about the truth behind bodyhoppers.

Lastly, let’s talk about the skills of bodyhopping itself, they can go as fast as seconds (requires extreme effort and other several factors like skin contact) and up to 20 minute to bodyhop an average adult.  It seems this speed factor interacts with skin contact, experience, and some other factors which I haven’t know yet. I counted Alex and Harry’s time required to bodyhop a person and I found that they need an average time of 20 seconds to bodyhop someone…. But they can go faster if they’re focusing and are not exhausted.

This research turned out to be an an amazing discovery of these creatures…. and as an ambitious researcher as well as a bodyhopper myself, I am really intrigued by every aspect of it and I won’t stop researching regarding this bodyhopper feat of skills. Lastly, I want to end this research note by  quoting their most (at least for bodyhopper with conscience) used phrase “we’re not evil, we just love having fun”…….. I personally think they’re right.

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