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How deep can you go ?
        Tunnel was a life long dream of Glen Tuttle.  He had studied tunneling at
        the University of Glasgow and had made a life long friendship with Desiree
        Bloodbottom his professor.  Together they designed a massive boring machine 
        beginning the construction of a volcanic thermo-generator.  If the thermo energy
        could be harnessed their would be an unlimited safe clean power source for
        the global grid.  Glen sat at his computer and guided the device from the observation
        tower.  Desiree measured the lava pressure and seismic activity. The tunnel
        was 6 miles deep when it stopped.

        Glen could not budge it. Desiree could find no unusual readings from the volcano.
        Someone had to be sent down.  A small team was sent into the tunnel.
        They reported their dissent at 4 miles and then communication ended. ..
        Desiree did not advise a second descent, but Glen assembled another team which he would
        lead.  Glen and his team were lost at the 4th mile.

        Desiree ordered that the project be suspended.  It was too dangerous to risk another
        team.  The military took another view and launched a massive search of the tunnel.
        There had been too much money invested in the project to abandon it. 
        Many soldiers were lost,  but one team reached the device and reported no damage
        to the machine, however a strange swarm of gargoyles had attacked them.

        A Col. Mike Trany reported that the gargoyles had physic abilities that had neutralized the
        massive tunneling device. "These creatures put many of our men into a trance and made them
        their slaves." he stated, "It was only through strong will power that I and my men
        prevailed . The gargoyles had forced the others to work in their firery crystal mine. "
        Col Trany and a few other strong willed men used the massive tunneling device as a transport.

        Glen stepped onto the wooden scaffeling that cradled the opening of the tunnel.       
        Desiree embraced Glen. "What can we do about these subterranean creatures and hostages?"
        she queried ...  Glen's face was pale,  "Leave them in Hell."
        "But it is our moral obligation to rescue our people." Desiree was clearly shocked by her
        colleague and companion's callous statement.

        "Mam. If you had seen the Hell down there. You would not send anyone back there."
        Col. Trany answered and gave a stiff salute. A slender woman with a buzz cut snapped the
        heels of her boots and returned the Colonel's salute :

                              " Commander Katarzyna Pawenta Subterranean Commando."

        "I've heard rumors about you people. These gargoyles couldn't be stopped with our
        weapons. .. What do you have up your sleeve?" Col. Trany looked wearily at the
        young proud Commander.  She clicked the heels of her knee high black boots :

                                                    " The power of Christ! "

        The Commander made the sign of the cross and pulled out a pocket Bible ,
        and turned to the Gospel of Peter ~  ( 1 Peter 3 : 18-20 )

                              " Jesus went down into Hell and saved the righteous, who had been
                            trapped there. Colonel I'm convinced that those gargoyles are demons
                            and I and my born again Christian commandos can free your people
                            by the power of Christ ! "

        " I need some claret . " Glen said meekly gesturing to his beloved Prof, Bloodbottom.
        " I'll have one too. " Col. Trany sat down next to Glen on a couch in the observation tower.
        " You said they could only be defeated with will power. That's faith ! Colonel I and my commandos
        have a Presidential order to retake that tunnel and capture or kill the inhabitants there in.
        Are you with me? " the Commander bellowed. Her eyes were a radiant emerald green . .

        " I'll sit this one out. " Glen smiled and clicked his glass against the Colonel's drink.
        " I wish I could, these orders include me as a guide.. Fill me up. "  Mike Trany held his glass
        up to Desiree .  ..

              Chapter 2    THE POWER OF CHRIST

        So began the resurrection of the Vulcan project.



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