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Poem entry for The Humorous Poetry Contest, just to have fun. Given an Honorable Mention.
I'm nobody's poet,
this much is true.
But I've got this story,
I wrote it for you.
I've heard you've been needing
a good laugh or two!
I've tried hard to provide it,
believe me, it's true.

So I'm going to share
a couple of things,
In hopes that in content,
laughter it will bring.
I've dredged through my mind banks,
to find just the right ring.
Now, pay close attention,
so your laughter can sing.

My toddler was walking,
as proud as King Tutt.
Made his way through the room,
stopped and petted our mutt.
Standing again, he passed some gas,
proclaiming to me "Mom, I burped out my butt!"
Hysterical laughter surrounded my son,
Laughing, I told him, "Son you are such a nut!"

If that part was funny I've one more for you,
but in reading it over you cannot be shy.
I was changing his diaper, him flat on his back ,
but the diapers were gone, I didn't know why.
I went to retrieve a new bag of them,
when all of the sudden I heard his cry.
I hurried back over to see why the distress,
and looked down to see he just peed in his eye!

(All true happenings with my son, when he was just a wee one.)
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