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A teenage girl wants the latest fad
Fifteen year old Alice walked through the department store isles wearing her feathered shoes and cone shaped hat that reflected light with its glossy finished. Her green shirt matched he emerald shaded eyes.  Her lipstick was vertically striped with red and yellow colors. Alice slowly strolled and smiled as she observed the clothes with happy wide eyes.  “Hmm…this frog skinned top would go great with my green crown.” She pulled the shirt of the rack and tilted her head as he examined it.  Eh, there is a whole in it, goodbye,” she said as she put it back.  “I wonder where I could find one.  I hope they are not sold out,” Alice said as she looked for a particular item. “I’ll ask the customer service desk.”

    She rushed to the desk and inquired about the piece of clothing she had been searching for; the latest thing in fashion.

  “Excuse me but do you have any of the Gucci cloak and hoods?”

    A big stomached middle aged man in a t-shirt and red vest with a name tag that read “Tommy” responded to her robotically with a sigh.  “I’m sorry we’re all out. We ran out about two hours ago.”

  “Nuts,” she said as she snapped he fingers. 

  Tommy spoke again, this time with a hint of care.  “If you want I could check to see when the next shipment arrives.”

  “Really? That would be great!” Alice’s face lit up and made a small bounce. 

  Tommy picked up a white phone on a wall and pressed three numbers.  This is Tommy, hey when will the next delivery of cloaks come in? Alright, thanks.” He hung up and shook his head as he broke the news to Alice.  “I’m sorry but the next arrival of cloaks will be in a week.”

  She exhaled with dejection and peered down with sulky eyes. Tommy spoke with high toned, empathetic manner.  “Try one of other locations. They may have some in stock”

Her countenance remained the same as she answered an upset inflection.

“Thanks, but they’re too far for my mom to take me.” She shook her head and regained a poised, complacent demeanor.  “Thanks anyway.” Alice left the counter and exited the store and walked to her mom’s car.  “Did you find any sweetie?”  Alice’s mom had smooth red hair, ocean blue eyes, and a delightful, childlike face with a smile that would cheer anyone up.

  “No, I’ll have to wait a week.”

  “That’s not too long. It will be here before you know it,” she said with her vibrant smile.

    Alice got in the car and they went home.  The next day was Monday and it seemed to Alice that everyone at school had the spiffy, gallant hooded cloaks but her. 

    In front of the lockers a girl slightly smaller the Alice scuffled to her wearing a pink cloak. 

  “Alice, you have not gotten one yet?”

“No Lindsey,”

  The girl that spoke to Alice had freckles, deep brown eyes, and raven black bangs that stuck from under her hood she had up. She too was wearing a cone hat but hers had tassels at the tip. Her shoes had feathers too but they came from a peacock not a dove.  The rest of the school had similar curious attire like clown colored hair, shirts with rubber bulbs, and pants that were filled with air. These clothes were only seen when the cloaks were open.     

  “Lindsey where did you get yours?”

  “My parents bought it for my grades.”

    “When did you get it,” Alice asked anxiously.

    “The day before I wore it of course.  You should get one soon; you’re starting to stick out, but hey, maybe not having one will make Robert notice you,” Lindsey teased.

    “Shhh! Keep it down! That’s not funny.  Alice looked at the clock. “It’s five minutes until biology.” They shuffled to the biology class and took their seats.  Everyone sitting down had on a cloak but her! 

    The first one to say anything was of course Jeana Wagner, the girl who always pressed her buttons who sat in back of her.

    “Don’t worry, it’s Okay if you are poor.  I promise I’ll  share my lunch with you.” 

Alice tried to ignore her, but Jeana kept on antagonizing her further.

“You know what, you can have mine”

  Alice’s fists were clenched and she was biting her lip to keep from letting Jeana get to her.  Alice said nothing.

  “Oh you poor thing, it’s natural if you are dumb and can’t talk”

    Alice turned around and glared at her and was vehement.  “Listen, just because you’re popular and pretty and all does not mean you can go around harassing people.  You can take you insults and blow them out your…”

  “Alice, please stop talking.  One more word and I’ll send you out,” said the teacher.  Jeans giggled maniacally.

    After class Alice’s mood was still disturbed.  Then something unforeseen happened; Robert was approaching her with a box in his arms.  Robert was tall and handsome with spiky blond hair and peaceful brown eyes.  She tried not to look at him.  Alice kept her gaze at the ground until Robert finally got to her. 

    “Don’t let her get to you. She is just a spoiled brat,” Robert said.

Alice slowly looked up at him.  “Thanks Robert,” she said with a slight blush.

“You know, everyone does not have to be carbon copies.  Not everybody has to be the same.”

“You’re right, but I still want one though.”

  “In that case I have something for you.” Robert gave her the box he was carrying.

  Alice could only widen her eyes and slowly receive the box. 

  “This can’t be a…!

    It was like she was a child at Christmas. “Oh, my! A cloak! And it’s my favorite color too, purple.”

  Alice gave him a hug and then she tried it on.

  “Would you go to the prom with me on Tuesday night?” asked Robert.

    With a bright smile she agreed.


    The End 

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