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An extremely tired and lonesome Cafe Worker Day Dreams give him hope, but it's not a joke.
"Hey daddy, you said you're gonna teach me how to do the joker's voice right? pleaseeee, i've been practicing all the voice techniques you taught me extra hard!" I wipe the dust off my microphone and favorite voice-acting trophy shirt i now wore, "Oh alright Bruce, but we'll start with the joker's laugh, ok? You gotta learn the joker's LAUGH before any other part of his voice".
Bruce begans to jump with joy and exclaims, "Oh boy daddy, don't worry i'll do the laugh extra good, extra gouda..." "EXCUSE ME SIR, did you HEAR my ORDER?, i said EXTRA GOUDA CHEESE on my YOU-PICK-TWO sandwich!" The lights of the familiar cafe come rushing back, i look down, i'm no longer wearing my voice-acting trophy shirt, i'm wearing a green apron with a name tag that gives little existence to a name that is otherwise nameless. Gone is the smiling face of my future son and home recording studio, and in it's place is the face of an angry and hungry wealthy female cafe customer. Darn it, i dazed off again. "Sorry miss, i'm a little off on my game today, and by the way did you want an apple, chips,or baguette with that?"
The customer flips her over-stylized hair, and then lets a sarcastic sigh of relief out and replies, "Ugh, i'll have a BAGUETTE, REMEMBER I said i wanted BAGUETTES as the sides for ALL my YOU-PICK-TWOS!". She didn't have a family or husband with her, hmph, like she REALLY needed all those meals, i'm sure not looking forward to cleaning up after her dropping one of those plates. "Yes miss, i've got your baguettes with all your orders, will that be all?". "Uh, YEAH, Of course!", she replies crudely. I take her money and give her the change and her 16 ounce fountain drink cup. "Have a great day mam!", i said to her with a forced smile. "Yeah, yeah, you too, and do yourself a favor will ya, and get your head out of those dream clouds, will ya?".
I sighed a breath of relief and went back to stocking the counter. I suddenly stopped, and looked back at my green apron and at my non-slip shoes, and in a mere seconds i was suddenly, not single, not 20 years old, and i was teaching my young voice-acting prodigy of a son to laugh like the joker. "You've nearly got it Bruce! Just add a little more devious-feel on your vocal tone, and you'll be well on your way to working with your daddy in the voice-acting big leagues: DC comics animation!". "Oh daddy that'd be great! It'd be like a day of dreams come true!".
I'm suddenly back to reality, back to my green apron and black non-slip shoes. OH Little Bruce, i really wish you would be my day dream come true...
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