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by eyeQ
Rated: E · Chapter · Dark · #1971485
It is the first chapter of a full story
                                                                                A Dream

It was a cloudy night and was raining. Everywhere seemed very dark. I suddenly found myself walking along the road near the civil hospital; just a few cars were there at the street. That night I had a strange feeling, a feeling if as I was lost among the dark clouds and shadows. I looked around and no one was there, it was only me. Only then when I began to hear some voices and as it was calling someone, and was getting nearer to me. That wasn’t a frightening voice but the thing which I scared of was running of some strange people towards me. I stopped and then had a curiously look at them, there were five of them, when they came closer I found out that there is a girl and four men. It seemed that they were chasing the girl for something. As I saw them clearly I found that the girl was heavily wounded.

She came to me, and without a word she fell down. I went closer to check out if she was dead or not, no she wasn’t. She was breathing. Those men whoever they were had beaten her with something I don’t know and she was bleeding. As I wanted to find out who they were, there were nobody present, maybe they escaped or just kind of vanished. So I carried the girl to hospital and when I came, lots of people were busy working. It was strange because outside was dark and full of fear and here was such crowd.

"Please help doctor! She is injured and bleeding, help her." I said to the doctor as I if was very worried,

he replied "Don’t worry boy" and smiled.

When they were at the operation, questions such as "Who is she? Where did she come from? Why she was being chased by some unknown men?" were being asked. The clock of hospital was showing 11:50 pm and it was late night when the door opened and doctors came out. I looked at them; they said nothing and passed right me. As I entered, a beautiful young girl with brown hair and golden-yellow dress was lying down with her eyes open. She realized and sat calmly and when I came, she turned her very hazel eyes to me.

"So Mister..."

"Daniel, its Daniel sir" I said to the doctor.

"Okay Daniel, do you know her?" I hesitated for a second suddenly the girl said "Yes doctor, we are friends"

"So how did you find her?" I was going to explain when she again interfered

"I was gonna meet him there, while crossing the street something hit me and I found myself here."

"Are you sure?" said the doctor looking at her,

her eyes turned on me and I said "Yes doctor." if as I wasn’t gonna say that. Then he went and I looked at her, her beautiful hazel eyes were blinking when I said

"Who are you? I don’t know you and why did you lie to him?”

"You said a yes to him, it means you know me and I didn’t lie" she said while she was smiling at me.

"No, I don’t. I wasn’t gonna say that, it was just..."

"What?, it was just what?" she said

"I don’t know, it wasn’t my choice to act like that." That moment I was afraid of something, then for about a minute we both were quiet when I asked again

"Are you going to tell me who you are? And for what reason were those men chasing you?"

She slowly came down and stood up looking at me and spoke kind of spooky

"You don’t get it do you?" and came towards me, "I am a memory of your past, a shadow of your present and a part of your future" she whispered.

It was a terrible moment when my eyes caught something very abnormal; there was nothing inside the room except me when I saw the mirror in my right. And when I turned to her, she changed to a very frightening thing and her face became scarier than any thing I have ever seen. My heart had already stopped out of fear when I found myself sitting in my bed and sweating. Oh thank God it was a dream. But It was scarier than any of my dreams I have ever seen these last years. Time was showing 3:15 am and I couldn’t sleep that night, because that face wasn’t gonna get out of my mind and was in front of my eyes when I tried to stare everywhere of the room. I really had no idea that innocent face would suddenly turn into something like that, that innocent face when she was in my arms, bleeding and injured and that frightening face when I saw her in the mirror. But I was going to find out.

"Maybe one day I could find out who she was or what she was." I thought. 

© Copyright 2014 eyeQ (arielle191 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1971485