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This will be the last chapter of Megan and Jennifer. It's time after 4 years. Enjoy!
Zalita appeared. She always came to the rescue. She was with three big, strapping men.

"Grab my son and his friend!" Looking at Manolito and Calin she glared at them and they glared back. "I am sending you to the future. You need to leave these ladies alone. Mason, Ahlie and Amos grab these men." The two gypsy men were unable to fight back for once in their life. Zalito said some words in a foreign language as she held a moonstone and Manolito and Calin disappeared.

"Megan, Jennifer, I am so sorry about everything my son and his friend have done to you. Everyone at the ball will forget what happen and I am going to send you home to England where you two will be married to the men you love. Forget the long ride home on the ship. A touch of the moonstone and you will be at your Wedding in England. Manolito and Calin will never bother you. Kyle and I are going to raise Kristie and will be returning to England soon by ship. Any questions?"

"Which Wedding?" Megan asked. She was still trying to sort things out.

"You, Miles and Jennifer and Bradley are having a double Wedding. You still want to marry them?"

"Yes!" Megan answered.

"I want to marry Bradley. Will they be on the ship going to England?"

"No. They will think they were on the ship back to England and they will never remember Manolito and Calin. Do you wish to remember them?"

"Yes. We did have some good times." Jennifer smiled.

"We did but we need to start our lives with the men we love. Let's start the Wedding!" Megan felt so happy.

"I will miss you both. Zalita hugged and kissed the women good bye. "Close your eyes. When you awake, you will be at the Wedding. You will be wearing the Wedding dresses you bought. Your friends and Miles and Bradley's families will be there. Bradley and Miles will remember you came from the future and they won't care. You can't tell anyone else about where you came from. Is this alright with you? You must stay in the past. Is this what you want?"

Megan and Jennifer nodded. Zalita sprinkled dust and spoke words in a foreign language and Jennifer and Megan opened their eyes. Jennifer was holding Bradley's hand and Miles was holding Megan's hand. The minister said: "I now pronounce you man and wife." The couples kissed. Megan and Jennifer were so happy. Everyone clapped.Megan and Jennifer winked at each other. Jennifer saw the Queen! The Queen winked at Jennifer and Megan saw her, too. They curtsied. The Queen was dressed in red satin and The Queen waved them to get up. She came over and hugged Jennifer and Megan. The women couldn't believe it. They had met the Queen. The Queen was all dressed in white with a purple vest over her dress. Everyone could tell that she was the Queen.

Bradley's parents hugged Jennifer and Bradley and hugged Megan and Miles as did Miles parents. All people extended their well wishes. Jane was all dressed in a pretty blue dress and she was the Maid Of Honor. Megan and Jennifer loved Jane. They introduced Jane to the Queen and the Queen was nice to Jane as well. The Queen went to talk to Bradley.

"I am so happy for you." Jane kissed Megan's cheek and Jennifer's cheek.

"We love you, Jane." Megan and Jennifer hugged her.

"I love you, too. You are my writing inspiration." Jane was the best person in the world.

Megan and Miles danced as did Bradley and Jennifer.

"I love you. Are you happy?" Miles asked.

"Yes. I love you, too."

Bradley and Jennifer kissed. It was a happy day.

"We did it. We are married." Jennifer beamed.

"It is wonderful. You make me so happy." Bradley squeezed Jennifer's bottom. No one who saw them seemed to care.

Bradley and Jennifer were quite at home at Bradley's parents house. The two Mastiff puppies were huge dogs now and they were Jennifer's babies.

Miles built a new house for Megan. It looked like the "Downton Abbey" castle but it was smaller It was four miles from Jennifer and Bradley's house. . Megan and Miles had Jane stay with them as well as their friends Vicki and Bill. Course, Miles parents visited often. Bradley's parents moved back to France but they visited every few years. Jennifer smoked for a few more years. She and Megan were supportive of Jane's writing and could never tell Jane how famous she had become. Jane's father allowed Megan and Jennifer to visit Jane.

Jennifer and Bradley had a son Peyton and when he was sixteen, he built a time machine. His girlfriend looked like Rainey much to Jennifer's dismay. Rainey always said that she would get even with Jennifer someday.

Megan and Miles had several horses, swans by their nice big pond as well as dogs and cats Megan still had her pet goat Jasper. Megan and Miles had twin daughters Bella and Alice. One day, gypsies wondered into town and Bella and Alice fell in love with two gypsy men. Strangely enough, they looked like Manolito and Calin!

I like to end stories with cliff hangers. If you read the all the chapters, well, this story ending will make sense. I decided it was time to end this story. I loved writing this the past few years. Thanks! Who knows? Maybe I will write a story about Megan and Jennifer's kids.

Modern picture of Jane Austen or one of her characters. Notice the cell phone and pool.

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