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The girl from the previous chapter has changed a lot. She is now the perfect ruler.

Chapter two

Birds of the same feather

In a place where there is no sunlight and hope, a domain is named "Death" ruled by fear and only fear.There lies a kingdom ruled by a queen instead of a king. Its been 5 years when the mighty king Thanatos surprisingly fell and vanished by sword of an 19 year old girl, everyone's eyes widened with fear and bowed infront of her. By obtaining Thanatos's sword the great "Force Edge", its dark power overwhelmed her, after some time she went out of control and preclaimed herself The Queen of the Underworld. She then took down every domain in their neighborhood one by one and shed lots of blood. Some gave up and some resisted but at the end, they lost.

Arielle, who is now 24, has become the queen of the underworld. no one dares to speak her name but his brother Burak. Burak is a nephilim so is his sister. A nephilim is breed of a demon and an angel, the off spring resulted looks like human but has supernatural powers. Burak didnt loose his humanity but After killing her father Thanatos and taking his throne, his sister Arielle lost her part which was still human and become a full demon. Perhaps it was necessary because she had to rule the whole underworld and its frightening and powerful creatures. And in this day they were all gathered together to watch the torture of a cyclopes who disobeyed The Queen 5 years earlier. The day she become The Queen, some cyclopses resisted. Arielle took them down and sent all of them in to the deep prisons of Tartarus. She  tortured them every single day.

"Is this really necessary Arie?" Burak said, Arielle stood and pointed to Berial to pour the boiling lava over shoulders of cyclopses while everyone watched. "Prepare everyone for the meeting" she said to her brother. "Arie, my sister, look we have much more important things to discuss than this meeting" Burak explained, " And what is that?" she responded while looking to Berial their gatekeeper. "The boy, we have found him. he has been brought back to the world of living by her sister" Burak said, "Clarissa... you didnt tell me she had the ability to revive the dead, I killed Daniel with my own hands when we were still in the world of living." Arielle said angrily. "U did, but a nephilim doesnt die in a single time..." before he could finish Arielle took her sword Force Edge and said " Dont judge its power Burak, let me show you how powerful it is". " You dont need to do that again, I have told you several times" but she  didnt listened and smiled. Then she slowly opened her dark wings and flew, Burak followed her.

Berial shocked out of fear when he saw The Queen holding her sword and bowed. "Open the gate" she said, "ofcourse my princess" Berial replied with great respect. Sister and brother went to Tartarus, Burak knew what was she going to do and she did, she took the Force Edge and slayed one of the cyclopses. She cut its throat and it died and remained a soul. "Arielle, my beautiful sister, calm down look we all are after them" "Go after them yourself, kill Clarissa and bring Daniel back to me, alive. Lets see if my dear Daniel is enjoying his new life or not" she responded and flew back.

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