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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1971896
The Vulcan Project
          " Mr. Tuttle you are ordered by the President to pilot the Tunneler
          device. " Commander Pawenta stood over Tuttle. She had unzipped
          her parachute jump suite and stood before him in her grey underwear.
          The heat from the freshly cut volcanic tunnel was overwhelming.
          "Is the A.C. working?" Desiree asked a crewmember.  The air conditioning
          was at maximum.  Glen walked over to his computer and remotely guided
          the massive tunnel device back to the mouth of the tunnel.  " Is that any better? "
          he shouted to the others. The room slowly cooled.

          " There is no shame in nudity. " Commander Pawenta stated as she zipped
          her jump suite back on.  .  " None. " Colonel Tuttle saluted the slender young
          female Commander.  He had not removed a single garment.
          "Look Commander the heat is rising, because there is a lava flow coming our
          way.  This will not be easy to pass threw even with the Tunneler device.
          Then, we'll be face to face with brain sucking gargoyles !  Let's demolish this
          Hell hole and try another volcano. "  Glen stated with a growl.

          " I am not retreating !  I am a soldier of Christ !  I fear no evil ! " Commander
          Pawenta pulled on her combat boots , shoving a knife into a sleeve in her
          right boot.  " Ahhh !  Is that a gargoyle? " Desiree Bloodbottom pointed out to
          the tunnel where several gargoyles were climbing over the Tunneler.
          The observation tower they were in was directly above ....
          " Yes ! By the power of Christ !  I will slay these demons ! " the Commander raced
          to the elevator leading to the Tunneler and was knocked unconscious from behind
          by Colonel Trany.

          " Glen can you electrify that Tunneler device and our tower ? " the Colonel queried.
          " Easy .  I just reverse the polarity on the Tunneler and it will be like Mount Olympus. "
          Glen's fingers tapped on his key board and the sky lit up with high voltage.
          " There bursting into ashes ! " Desiree shouted.. " There isn't much that can survive
          Zeus' lighting. . " Col. Tuttle smirked.  " Fortunately , the Watch Tower is grounded. "
          Glen chuckled and poured some claret for the dizzy Commander.
          " This is insubordination ! " Pawenta cursed and pushed the cup of claret away.

          " I am the ranking officer and you will follow me . "  Colonel Tuttle swallowed the claret.
          The Commander stood at attention and made the sign of the cross on her chess ,
          " The President has order the retaking of that tunnel and the inhabitants there in !
          Sir ! "  Glen looked the Commander in the eyes ,  " If feasible ." He pointed to the
            words in the document .  " I as the ranking officer find this mission not to be feasible.
          I order you to stand down and the tunnel demolished. " Col. Trany nodded to Glen.
          Glen tapped on his key board and Tunneler fired lighting into the volcanic vent ,
          exploding that side of the volcano.

          " The entire cap should blow soon. " Desiree stated calmly as the massive tunneling
          device moved backwards toward the Watch Tower.  The tower began to tip toward it.
          " Let's get the Hell out of here ! " Glen shouted and waved the others over to a
          helicopter ..  " It should be safe to lift off. " Glen shouted over the crashing metal...
          Glen flew them out over the sea as the entire Island exploded.  " The power of nature
          can be harnessed , if only we understood the mystery of it's creator . "
          Katarzyna Pawenta said these words as a prayer ..

          Ahmen Rahmen
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