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This is a small excerpt of my character meeting a dragon and finding they have a bond.
Story: Chosen

         After a long day of painting and hanging lights and fans, I had decided to walk home.  It was a nice cool evening and I knew Riyeesha would have some wonderful meal made for Xavier and myself.  So, I strolled leisurely past shops closed for the day and friendly people going home after a long day at work.  It was in this manner I came upon her.
         She was standing in front of a small restaurant staring at her shoes, and she was not human (although she did look it).  She was five foot four with long black hair and she stared at her feet as though they had betrayed her, no longer obeying her commands.  She was dressed in black and held sorrow, loneliness, and loss about her like a thick cloak against a chill wind which never ceased.
         I stopped before her and although she did not raise her head or acknowledge my presence, she knew I was there.  What I saw in her made my heart and soul tremble with anticipation.  For between us there was a bond stronger than that of my soul-mates yet, at the same time, weaker and something different.  I saw possibilities of love, hope, and happiness in the soul standing so meekly in darkness before me.
         I had once been told by my grandmother (on my father's side) that every member of our race was bound to one person.  We were destined to become a companion to one soul.  She had told me a story of a group of our race which had been called to help keep a kingdom.  The kingdom called those of our race Companions and their bonded were their Chosen.
         Here, then, before me, upon this very street was my Chosen.  The one to whom every minute of every day was given to.  In life and in death she would be my Chosen, the one whom I would give light to replace the darkness which surrounded her.  For whether she knew it or not, there was a spark of light within her.  A spark of the person she would become, a spark of life.  A spark, which would someday become a burning fire consuming the darkness with a desire of its own.
         But all of this would come in time.  Time enough to change what was once unchanging.  Time enough for all things to come to pass.  And so, as I looked around at the fading sun creating endless colors across the sky, I began my life as a Companion.
         When I looked back to my Chosen standing before me, I saw she had raised her eyes to look at me.  Beautiful, glorious eyes which held all the possibilities of silver beyond their endless depths.  I mind-sent to her:
         I am Dralthesa and I have Chosen you.  I shall always stay with you and never leave.  I shall love you and never die.  You will never be alone again and you will learn what life is.  Come with me.
         And although she flinched and looked for somewhere else to run; as I turned to begin walking home once more, I could hear her footsteps behind me.  At first they were slow but then they came eagerly after me.
         If there had been anyone capable of seeing this sight of magic; they might have thought it very odd that a large, black dragon was eagerly following a tall, young elf down a city street.  And this was the beginning and the ending of a very long tale indeed; a story which shall come at a much later time.
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