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Another unfinished story.
“This is the fifth school this year so far. I've moved from one school to other as my identity is compromised. I think I have finally found a school where I can actually be myself. I can meet new friends and maybe... Just maybe, find that special someone. Life has been very hard for me. You see, I'm a were-vampire. A cross bread of a werewolf and a vampire. A forbidden creature with the strength of both and a blood lust to match. I am alone in this world. But that is a story for another time.” The young man thinks to himself as the bus pulls up to its stop.
“Good luck kid.” The bus driver says with chuckle.
The young man looks at the bus driver. The drivers eyes are sunk back in his skull, shadowed from sight. They seem to almost glow. The young man shakes his head and gets off the bus. As the bus pulls away the next thing that runs through his mind is “What in this forsaken world have I gotten myself into?” He asks out loud. The dark trees that lay in the forest in front of him seem to radiate with an ancient repugnance that frightened him. He lets out a sigh and inhales deeply. “I know I am going to regret this.” He says as he starts to slowly walk down the overgrown path.

The path seemed to never end. He looks at his watch again. “I've been walking for over two hours. Where is this bloody school?” He asks out loud. He stops looking around. Trying to figure out where he was. There is a noise behind him. He ducks behind a tree and then climbs it. He waits on a branch over the path. He hears a scream in the distance. It was that a a young woman. The screams get closer until she runs past him. He hears a familiar sound and drops from the tree branch in between the woman and the sound. It was a large swarm of large vampire bats. They fly by him, like he wasn't even there. “Oh great. Now I've got to save her.” He says as he runs after them.

The young girl trips and is swarmed with the beasts. The young man grabs a near by branch and starts swinging at the large bats. The hard wood smashing against the bats. The large swarm finally disperses. He looks down and sees that the young woman was lying on the ground. Scratches all over her exposed skin. He rushes over to her. Kneeling down he checks her pulse. Her heart is beating so he flips her over. Her eyes are shut. She didn't seem to be bleeding, except one long scratch on her face. He rips his shirt sleeve and dabs the large cut. Her eyes flutter open, reveling large, beautiful, blue eyes. He couldn't help but stare at them. He was lost in this beautiful creatures eyes. And she was lost in his. He shakes his head as they both realize they were staring at each other. She blushes as he turns her head away.

A drop of blood starts running down her face. He snaps back to reality as he continues to dab at the blood. “Thank you so much” She says as he helps her up. One of the bats returns and scratches at the young mans face. He some how gets a hold of the bats feet and he slams it into the ground and then throws it back into the forest. The bat only manged to deliver one large blow to the young mans face. The large red streak begins to bleed. “Oh my gosh! Are you okay?” the young girl asks worried. He falls back on his butt holding his face. “It's just a scratch. I'm fine, I'm fine.” He says holding his eye. She pulls a white handkerchief out out of her breast pocket and dabs away the blood dripping down his face. “I'm so sorry about this. This is all my fault. I'm really sorry.” She says in a frantic tone. “It's okay. Really. I'm fine.” The young man says trying to brush her off.

She catches the scent of his blood. Her blood lust takes over. She crawls over him. “What are you doing?” He asks as she gets inches from his face. “Your blood... It smells so good.” She says as she sniffs his face. She licks his wound. As the sweet taste of his blood touches her tong she quickly bites his neck. “OW!” He yells as her short fangs puncture his neck. She was making a meal of him. She quickly stops snacking on him.
“Mmm that was so good. I haven't had a meal like that in a long time. Thank you” She says with a smile. “What was that for?” He asks, almost yelling. He puts his hand up to his neck to check if it was bleeding. “No blood?” He thought to himself. “I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself. Your blood smells just like a humans. And I haven't has a real meal in ages. I'm a vampire. I'm sorry if you hate me. I'll leave you alone.” She says as she starts to walk away.

He grabs her arm and turns her around. He looks at her. Her long blonde hair falling right in place as it settles. Her face almost blemish free, her build was medium. She wasn't fat, she was curvy. She stands about five foot three. She stands there blushing, her legs crossed at the ankles. Her arms nervously behind her back. “You are the closest thing I have to a friend. Most people think I am a complete freak. So it is nice to find someone who likes me.” The young man says. She jumps for joy and claps her hands. “Yay!” She squees ecstatically.”My name is Willow. Willow O'Connor.” She says with a bow. He notices a gold clip in her hair. It was her family seal. The tree of knowledge. “My name is Donovan O'Connell.” He says with a bow. She does a double take and looks at him with wondering eyes. “O'Connell? The snake and the stag family?” She asks in amazement.

He only turns his head away and looks at the ground. She begins to worry that she offended her new found friend. “Did I say something wrong?” She asks worried. He continues to look down at the ground as he speaks. “Maybe one day. I can tell you my story.” He takes a heavy breath, lifting his face with a smile he says. “But that's a tale for another day. Do you know how to get to this school?” He asks looking around. “I think we just keep following this path.” She says looking around. “So you don't really know either?” Donovan asks. “Well. Not time like the present.” Donovan says he he starts to walk down the dark path. Willow walks up and wraps her arms around his arm. “May I come with you?” She asks shyly. He nods his head. Blushing slightly.
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