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Quick poem about the desperation of mental illness
It creeps upon you slowly
Over time, then suddenly.
You can deny it all you want,
But at the end of the day,
It’s in bed with you.
Curled around your blankets,
Holding you closely.
Close your eyes and see it.

Eventually, you admit it.
This isn’t normal.
Not everyone feels this way,
Which is what you’ve always said.
You have reason to be happy now,
So why are the shadows here?
Just stop, you beg yourself.
But it isn’t working anymore.

It’s time to tell someone.
This is a big step for you.
How do you do it?
“I’m sad. I’m helpless.
I feel nothing.”
No, that was wrong.
Feel your heart stop,
Wait for a reaction.

This is it. The time is here.
You’re finally getting help.
But instead, just receive
An eye roll, a loud sigh.
Hear that you don’t feel
How you feel.
Find out you are truly alone.
No one will go down with you.
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