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A high school boy gets humiliated! Includes wetting, messing, diapers and crossdressing!
Chapter One
It was lunch time at Gold Creek High School. In the centre of the school, mostly surrounded by the school's buldings, was a very open and exposed area where most of the popular people hung out during break time. But there wasn't much hanging out today. Almost the entire school had gathered as Tess, a rather popular, violent and angry 15 year old student, was locked in a fight with Liam, a 16 year old student who was never really popular and was honestly pretty well known as being a bit of a sissy. And it was pretty clear who was going to win.

Christian, another 16 year old boy who happened to be kind of friends with Tess, watched on as Liam suffered a beating at Tess's hands. He laughed a little and almost felt embarrassed for him, being beaten up by a girl in front of everyone! Tess continued to beat the poor kid until he was barely able to move, then decided it was enough and walked away. People quickly made way for her as she and her two friends went to sit together.

Tess was well known as one of the most vengeful people in the school, and certainly as one of the biggest bullies. She was incredibly popular and people generally knew not to step in her way. Her two friends, Lyssa and Teagan, pretty much acted as her cronies. They praised everything she did, and they were by her side pretty much 24/7.

Chrstian had his own two best friends. First, there was Kieren. Kieren was very big and masculine, and was by far Christian's best friend. He wasn't fond of men who weren't “manly” and enjoyed all sorts of masculine activities like Sports. Then there was Grace, a very pretty girl who Christian had met the previous year. Honestly, he was very attracted to her but never let got the courage to tell her. The only person he's told is Kieren, who's advice was to just be a man and get over with it.

The three sometimes hung out with Tess's group, and Christian was very curious to see what that violent explosion was about. So Christian walked over to Tess's group of friends, and his own friends followed. “Oh, hey,” Tess said, almost seeming uninterested in their presence.

“Hey,” Christian replied. “So. What was all that about?”

“Oh, you mean Liam?” Tess asked simply, as if there was anything else that Christian even would be asking about. “He called us a trio of diseased hoebags. There was no way I was going to let that stand.”

Honestly, Tess and her friends were pretty slutty. They were incredibly pretty, and very popular, and loved to manipulate boys, and definitely didn't mind putting out to get whatever they wanted. But Christian knew this definitely was not the time to point that out. So instead, he just simply said, “Alright.” Then he laughed. “That must be really embarrassing for him though, to be beaten up by a girl in front of everyone!”

“What's wrong with been beaten up by a girl?” Tess asked, eyes narrowing a bit.

Christian didn't read the obvious warning sides. “Nothing... if you're a girl,” he said. “But you know... I don't think a guy should ever lose to a girl. We're just... stronger, you know?”

Tess glared for a second and Christian started to think that maybe he made a big mistake. But then she shrugged. “Maybe you're right,” she said, seeming bored of the conversation. She got up and faced her two friends. “Let's go have a smoke,” she said. They weren't allowed to smoke in school (or, really, at all), but they didn't care.

Christian didn't care for smoking, and felt like he pushed the wrong buttons just before, so he said, “Oh, we'll catch you later then,” and walked off, Kieren and Grace following.

“That was terrible!” Grace said as they approached the small brick wall that they usually sat on during break. “Do you really believe that all men are strong and women are weak?”

Christian blushed a little at his views coming into question by Grace. He certainly didn't want to offend her! “Well... It's science. Men have testosterone, and that makes us physically stronger, Women are better at their own things.”

“And he's kinda got a point,” Kieren said. “Liam must have been one hell of a sissy boy if he let a girl beat him up.”

“Oh, whatever, I bet I could beat your asses any day,” Grace said, teasingly.

Christian laughed. “Better not piss you off then.” Grace was barely 5'4” and, physically, really wasn't much of a threat to anyone

They continued to joke around for the next few minutes, but soon enough the bell rang, and it was time to return to class.


After a few hours of boredom, it was finally home time. Grace and Kieren went to the front of the school to wait for the bus home, but Christian's house wasn't too far so he just walked in the opposite direction. But first, he had to use the bathroom! After seeing his friends off, he headed towards the nearest bathroom. He was a few meters away when he felt a tap on his back. He turned around, and found Tess, Lyssa and Teagan, looking at him with a look that he wasn't fond of. He felt like they were scheming something, and he wanted nothing to do with their schemes.

“Hey,” Tess said. “Come with us.”

“Actually, I should be getting home...” Christian said.

“Oh come on,” Lyssa said. “This will take like... 5 minutes, we promise.”

“Can't we do this another time?” Christian asked.

“Come on, Christian, there's no reason to be scared, we're your friends,” Teagan said.

Christian sighed. It would probably be faster to just get this over with than continue arguing with them for however long. They were very stubborn girls. “Fine,” Christian said, and Tess grinned and started walking. Christian followed her as she walked to an area of school that's generally completely abandoned at this time. It was a building that was somewhat detached from the rest of the buildings, where the younger students studied. But since they left an hour early, there was never anyone there at this time. Christian wondered exactly why they were bringing him here.

“Um... what are we doing here?” Christian asked.

“You kinda pissed me off before, you know,” Tess said in reply. “You're not tough shit just because you're a guy, I bet I could beat you up any time.”

Without thinking, Christian laughed. “No way, would never happen.”

“Well, prove it then,” Tess replied.

“...How?” Christian asked hesitantly.

“Fight me, right here and right now,” Tess replied. “You're kinda cool so I don't want to humiliate your ass in front of the entire school like I did to Liam, but I definitely am going to teach you a lesson.”

“Are you kidding?” Christian asked. “I'm not going to fight a girl, even that is embarrassing,” he said.

“No one's around, and I promise I won't tell anyone,” Tess replied. “You really have nothing to lose... unless you're scared I'll beat you?”

Christian was starting to become much more aware of his need to use the bathroom. “Look, I just want to go home,” he said, wanting to find a restroom as quick as possible.

“Oh, you're just a big scaredy cat!” Lyssa said.

“I'm not, I just think this is ridiculous!” Christian replied.

“All I'm hearing is, 'I know Tess is gonna beat my ass so I'd better not fight her,'” Teagan teased.

“Oh my god, fine,” Christian exclaimed. “If I fight you, will you leave me alone?”

“Yeah we'll let you go after that,” Tess said.

“Alright, fine, let's do it,” he said. And he didn't have much time to say anything else, because Tess, after grinning for a second, punched him right in the face. And it hurt... a LOT. He was not expecting her to be able to punch that hard!

He stumbled a little, silghtly dazed from the pain, and tried to punch her, but he completely missed and she punched him in the face again, before giving him a knee to the stomach.

Christian felt his bladder surge with pain as it tried to relieve itself after this attack, but he didn't let it. “No, please stop that,” he groaned. Tess's reply was to deliver another strong knee to the stomach. Christian spurted into his underwear, but he was able to stop it before any visible damage happened. “No, please, you win, I'm sorry,” Christian said as Tess prepared to knee him yet again, desperate to avoid another knee to the stomach! He was holding on with all he had and he knew that if she kneed him one more time he would absolutely flood his pants with pee in front of these three girls, something he definitely wanted to avoid at all costs!

“Good,” Tess said. “But I think you still need a lesson in what happens when you're a macho prick, so one more for the road!” She kneed Christian in the stomach once again, as hard as she could. And as far as Christian's bladder was concerned, that was it.

“Oh no!” Christian exclaimed as he lost control and his bladder released it's entire contents into his pants. He stood in shock as his jeans started to darken from the crotch and down both his legs.

“No way,” Teagan said, as all three girls stared at the sight that happened before them. Christian blushed furiously as he made a small puddle on the cement floor.

When Christian was done peeing and the girls were done staring, all three of them started giggling furiously. “Oh my god, I swear, that's the funniest shit that's happened all year,” Tess said, between laughs. “I've beaten up a lot of people but never have I made someone piss their pants like a fucking toddler. I may have beaten up Liam, but at least he was able to keep his pants dry!”

“I can't believe I actually saw a 16 year old pee himself!” Teagan said.

Tess then pulled her phone out of her pocket, and before Christian could do anything, snapped a picture of him in his obviously soaked pants. “I think we both know what's going to happen if you piss me off again,” she said, grinning evilly. “You're gonna be a good boy from now on, aren't you Chrissy?”

Christian's face was burning. He just hung his head, and didn't say anything. What could he say? “I can't believe I thought you were cool. Go home, you disgusting little pants wetter.” Tess walked off and her friends followed, so all that left Christian to do was make the walk back home in his soaking pants.

Chapter Two
Thankfully, by the time that he had left, all the kids from his school had gone home so there was no one around. Unfortunately, he still had to walk along a few minor roads, and these roads were not empty. At one point, he saw a couple walking a dog. They gave him an odd look as he walked past and his face burned even more. He walked as quickly as he could, and soon got home.

He really didn't want to be seen by the neighbours, so he had his keys out of his pockets before he even got to his front door, and quickly opened the door to let himself in. He had hoped to get up to his room without running into anyone, but unfortunately, his Mum was in the living room, where his front door opened up to. “Oh, Chris! It's about ti- oh my god!” She exclaimed.

“H-hey mum,” Christian stuttered.

“Don't you hey mum me,” his Mum replied as she approached him. “What happened? Did you wet your pants?” She sniffed, and obviously catchign the smell of pee, she said, “You did! How did this happen?”

Christian definitely didn't want to admit to being beaten up by a girl. His Mum believed that men should be men, and whenever he did something that was particularly not manly, she often got fairly disappointed. “Look, this guy... he's a bit of a bully... he cornered me after school and just started fighting me and I really needed to pee and... well... this happened,” Chris said quickly. “It wouldn't have I just... I really needed to pee.”

His mum didn't look very pleased, but she said, “Okay. It's just bad luck, I guess, so I won't worry too much about it. Now quickly, go up to your room before your brother or sisters see.”

That would be the end of the world for Christian, so he took his mother's advice and fled up the stairs and straight into his room before anyone else could see. He changed into some dry clothes, and snuck the rest into the wash, under the other washing so no one would see it.

He then continued on with his usual routine for the evenings, video games, dinner, studying, bed time. But the entire time he had a sense of unease. What was going to happen with Tess now? Would she show anyone the picture she got of him? Would he be embarrassed some other way becaues of this? As he laid in bed, he drifted off, dread filling his mind.


Christian was back at the building where he fought Tess. She was there too, and once again, they were fighting. She punched him in the face, and then, again, proceeded to deliver a few knees to the stomach. And once again, Christian's face flushed as he proceeded to completely soak his jeans. She laughed at him, and called his names and...

And suddenly, he opened his eyes, finding himself in his bed. It was just a dream. He breathed a sigh of relief as he realised that she didn't make him wet himself again. He didn't want to know what she would do if that happened to him a second time! Something about that dream was... so real though. He started to sit up, but as he started to move, he froze. He felt something. His mattress. It felt kinda... cold and wet. And his pyjama pants seemed to be clinging to his body...

Hesitantly, he pulled back the covers and found that, to his dismay, his sheets were soaked and stained a pale yellow! He blushed hard as the strong smell of pee hit his nostrils, and started to panic. How did this happen? What was he going to do?

After panicking for a few minutes, he tried to think rationally. He /had/ to hide this before anyone saw. He knew he was already on thin ice with his mum, and his siblings would not be nice about it. He looked at the time, it was a bit before 7am. Fortunately, he was fairly certain his siblings would not be awake yet. His mum however... she usually woke up fairly early.

He had to try to get to the laundry with his sheets and pyjamas. He quickly changed into some other pants and took his sheets off his bed. He carried his sheets and pyjama pants in a bundle and carefully walked to his door. He opened it slowly, making sure it didn't creak, and peaked out of his room to see if anyone was there. They weren't, so he began to sneak down the corridor towards there laundry.

And just as he was about to pass the bathroom, he heard the toilet flush. He froze for a second, then came to his senses and started walking quickly to the laundry room, but it was too late. His Mum soon emerged from the bathroom.

“Christian?” She asked, puzzled. “What are you doing up so early?”

“Just... putting some washing in the laundry,” Christian said, hoping she couldn't see the state of the sheets. “These sheets are getting a little uncomfortable.”

“But you never-” his Mum started, then she must have seen a wet spot somewhere. “Oh my god, Christian, please tell me you didn't wet the bed.”

Christian knew he'd been caught. No point in lying now. “I- I'm so sorry, Mum,” he said, almost crying. “I had a dream about what happened yesterday and I just... woke up like this.”

“This is disgraceful,” his Mum said, clearly disgusted. “I'm very disappointed with you. You shouldn't be having problems like this at all.”

“I'm sorry, this is the last time, I promise,” Christian said desperately.

“It better be,” his Mum said. “Because if this keeps up I might just march you straight up to your brother and sisters and make you show them exactly what's been happening.” Christian couldn't bare the thought. But he was certain this was just a freak accident because of what happened yesterday. So he just silently nodded. “Now go put that stuff in the washing machine and have a shower. You smell like pee. Again.”

Grateful for the extra chance to avoid being humiliated, Christian did exactly as his mother said, then got ready for school.


As he woke up fairly early, Christian arrived at school quite early. He knew none of his friends would be there and he would rather avoid seeing Tess outside of class for as long as possible, so he decided to go straight to class.

He was the first one there. He walked in, and straight away saw that there was something on his desk. As he approached, he realised exactly what it was. It was a diaper, big enough to fit him. As if this wasn't embarrassing enough, this diaper was obviously made for girls as it had pink hearts all over it! There was a note attached, which read “For Christian, just in case.”

Christian froze up a bit, not knowing what to do with it. He figured his best bet was to throw everything in the trash and stick a bunch of stuff on top of it. He was about to turn around when he heard a voice. “Christian! You're here early.”

Christian turned around, and found himself face-to-face with his teacher, Mrs. Campbell. “What's that you've got there?” she asked, approaching him. Christian just froze, not knowing what to do or say. When she grabbed it off him, he just spurted out, “That's not for me!”

“Wow, this is cute,” she said. Then she looked at the attached note. “For Christian, just in case,” she said, thoughtfully. Christian could feel his cheeks burning. “Have you been having trouble making it to the bathroom? You're a bit too old for this, aren't you? And I never picked you for the cutesy type.”

“Oh, it's nothing,” Christian said quickly, avoiding her accusing gaze.. “Someone was just playing a stupid joke.”

“Seems like it wouldn't be a very good joke unless you actually were having problems,” she said.

“No, that's why the joke is so stupid,” he said. “Just someone who doesn't know how to do it properly. Um. You can throw that in the bin, I don't need it.”

“Alright I won't ask you anything else,” she said. “But I won't throw it away just yet. I'll keep it...” Then with a sly wink, she added, “Just in case. I'll throw it out at the end of the week if you've proven you don't really need it. But better to be safe than sorry!”

“Yeah... sure,” Christian said. He wasn't happy about this arrangement but he also was pretty sure that he wasn't going to need it at all so really there was no harm done. Aside from the fact that he's rather attractive teacher now seemed to think that he had a problem controlling his bladder!

She sat down and set the diaper down on top of her desk, where everyone would be able to see. Christian felt his face burn as he stared at it... he hoped she wouldn't say anything about it!

Just then, Tess and her friends walked in. “Oh, hey Christian, you're here early,” she said. “You didn't wet the bed, did you?” Christian felt his face burn, partially because he saw Mrs Campbell giggle at him behind her hand, and partially because that's exactly what happened.

“No way,” he said, though his voice sounded kinda weak.

“Oh sure, you're a big boy who never wets his pants,” Tess said, obviously sarcastic. This caused more giggles from Teagan, Lyssa and Mrs Campbell.

“That's enough girls,” Mrs Campbell said. “I'm sure there's a very entertaining reason behind this banter but let's not embarrass the poor kid too much, we've gotta focus on class now.”

Tess and her friends took their usual places behind Christian's desk, and soon enough the rest of the class started to enter.

As people walked into the room, they gave the diaper sitting on Mrs Campbell's desk a questioning look. Christian blushed a bit as he heard people whisper, “Is... is that a diaper?” “Does someone in this class still need diapers? That's embarrassing...”

Soon pretty much the entire class was there, except for Grace. “Oh, looks like Grace is absent today,” Mrs Cambpell said. “I'm handing out an assignment today, I would really prefer she get it as soon as possible. Is there anyone who can pop over to her house and hand to her?”

Christian, always eager for a chance to see Grace, stuck his hand up and said, “I can do it.”

“Alright, Christian,” the teacher said, smiling. “I'll give you Grace's copy and you make sure you give it to her. And be careful, I know it's a long bus ride,” she added, with a wink. Not many people got the joke, but Christian heard Tess giggle behind him. She leant in and whispered, so no one could hear, “She's right you know, maybe you should take what's on her desk, just in case.”

The teacher handed out the assignments and spent most of the rest of the class explaining what to do. The class dragged on as always, and soon enough, it was time for recess.

The students exited the class and Kieren and Christian walked together to where they usually hung out. “So. Are you finally going to man up and say something to Grace?” Kieren asked as they walked.

“Maybe...” Christian replied. He had thought about it, but he wanted to face one problem at a time. He still had to make it through the school day, and with how Tess is that might yet prove to be a real challenge!

And as if right on cue, Christian and Kieren heard a familiar voice behind them. “Oh, Chriiiistian,” the voice called out, and they turned around to see Tess running towards him, cronies following behind as always.

Memories of the previous day flooded Christian's mind, and he looked down, blushing quite hard. “Hey Christian, I wanted to ask something,” she said. Christian was already dreading this. “What?” he asked. “Oh, just about that conversation we had yesterday. Do you still think that it's wrong for a girl to be able to beat a boy? It's totally cool if you do, I just wanted to know.”

Christian knew that, no matter what Tess said, he could only really say one thing. That is, unless he wanted the whole school to see pictures of him in soaking wet pants! “Well... I guess there are some pretty strong girls so... it's not really wrong, I guess,” he said.

“Oh, that's a surprise!” Tess said, grinning. “I guess we'll leave you alone now.” They started to walk away, and Christian breathed a sigh of relief. But after a couple of steps, she stopped walking. “Wait. One more question.” She turned back around to face Christian, and asked, “If I were to fight you, who do you think would win?”

Again, Christian knew that he really only had one way he could answer here. He had to admit that he would lose to her in a fight! He blushed, looked down, and slowly said, “Well... I guess you're really strong for a girl... and I've never really even been in a fight so... I guess it's possible that you could win,” he said, trying to save himself as much dignity as possible.

But Tess wasn't having that.“I didn't ask if it was possible that I could win,” she said. “I asked who do you think would win, me or you.”

“Well... like I Said, you're really strong so.... I guess you would probably win,” he said. Kieren looked at him really weirdly, but he tried to ignore it.

“Thought so,” Tess said, grinning. “Well, that's all. I'll talk to you a bit later.” She winked. “Count on it.”

She walked off, and once again, Christian was feeling a sense of dread. How long was she going to use this against him for? Forever? Just how much was she going to abuse this newfound power? Tess was clever, and she was not kind.

“Dude, what was that about?” Kieren asked.

Christian looked down. “Oh, um... well, I just thought about it. She is really strong you know. I think she could beat most people in a fight.”

“Yeah but... she's a girl! You're a boy! And you're no sissy, I'm sure you'd be able to beat her.”

Christian blushed as his humiliating defeat came to mind. “I just think she has the upper hand, I guess,” he said.

“Well, whatever, I won't argue, but considering everything you said yesterday, it's a bit... weird.”

Christian just shrugged and they continued hanging out.

After that break time and another block of classes, it was lunch time. Christian and Kieren went to their usual spot to hang out, and Christian pulled his lunch out of his bag. But just as he was about to bite into his sandwich, Christian, once again, heard a fairly familiar voice. “Chriiiistian!” Tess called out to him as she ran over.

“Oh, hey Tess,” Christian said, barely able to look her in the eye.

“That looks good,” she said. “I kinda forgot my lunch at home today. I was wondering if I could have some of yours?” she asked.

“Oh, sure, here you go,” Christian said, as he hesitantly showed her what he had. “Take whatever you want.”

“Oh, you're so generous and sweet, Christian,” Tess said. “Let's see...” She went through Christian's lunch and ended up taking everything except for a rather sad looking apple. “I hope that's okay,” she said.

“Yeah... it's fine...” Christian replied.

“Woah, wait,” Kieren said. “That's way too much. What's Christian supposed to eat?”

“Oh that's okay, I can buy something...” Christian said.

“Oh, you have money? That's great! We ran out of smokes, can we borrow some?” Tess asked.

“No way is Christian giving you his only way of getting food today to appease your disgusting habit!” Kieren said.

“Why don't we let Christian decide that?” Tess asked.

“Kieren, don't worry... it's okay,” Christian said, as he emptied his change into his hand and passed it to Tess. “I'm not feeling very hungry anyway.”

“Well if you are feeling a little hungry, the girls and I were just discussing something that we think would be really funny to see a 16 year old to do...” Tess said mysteriously. Christian /really/ did not like where this was going.

“Whatever it is, Christian's not doing it. You're being a real bitch today, Tess,” Kieren said.

“Christian, do you think I'm being a bitch?” Tess asked innocently.

“No,” Christian sighed. “You're being perfectly fine.” Then for good measure, he added, “You're looking very pretty today too,” causing Kieren to stare in disbelief. “What were you going to suggest?”

“Oh, such a sweet talker!” Tess said, giggling. “Well we were just talking about it, and we thought that it would be really funny to see a boy your age eat dirt.”

Christian froze. Eat dirt? Was that worth her not showing everynoe those pics? He was starting to deny it. Having her show that she's in such a powerful position over him... that was taking it a bit too far. And if he stood up to her... he may get humiliated, but at least he would be free from ever having to listen to her again. He decided that this was where he drew the line. “No, I don't think I will,” he said.

“I'm sorry, are you saying no to me?” Tess asked.

“I... I am. I don't care what you do, I'm not going to eat dirt,” Christian said, firmly.

“Very well,” Tess said, smirking. “I'll tell you what. I liked your compliment before, I didn't even ask for it. So I'll give you another chance to redeem yourself. Meet me on the oval after school. We'll fight. And if you win, I'll never bother you again.”

“Fine!” Christian said. This was better than he was expecting, he was given another chance to make sure nothing would happen! He just had to make sure he didn't lose... which was going to be difficult.

“I'll make sure there's a big crowd, so make sure you don't lose. Or else, take my word for it, you will be eating dirt.” she winked and walked off.

Kieren looked at Christian really weirdly. “What the fuck was that about?” he asked.

“I dunno. Like you said, she's being a bitch,” Christian replied.

“She really... really is,” Kieren said in amazement. “Well good on you for finally standing up for yourself, though it really did take you long enough... You're not going to lose, are you?”

“No way, I'm gonna win,” Christian said, determined to make his words come true.


Soon enough, the rest of the school day ended and Christian walked to the oval. He found Tess already waiting there for him. As he walked, he felt a pressure in his stomach. He realised that he should have used the bathroom before coming here... considering what happened the day before. But he was fairly confident that he woudln't let his bowels give out during this fight, so he walked on the oval, past the crowd of people who had gathered to watch, and faced Tess.

Tess was grinning. She was so confident, so sure she was going to win. Christian was starting to feel a little nervous. He started to remember how hard she kicked his ass the previous day... this was starting to seem like a bad idea. He was starting to feel more and more like he was going to be humiliated in front of the entire school.

“Last chance to chicken out, wuss,” Tess said to him.

Christian's stomach started to grumble, but he ignored it. “You wish,” he said, with false confidence.

This just made Tess's smile even more sadistic. “I'm so looking forward to everyone here seeing me beat that false confidence out of you, you pants-wetting sissy,” she said. “Shall we?”

“A-alright!” Christian said shakily, then he started running straight at her.

Christian tried tackling Tess, but when he collided with her, she merely held him in place. “Is... is that seriously all you can do?” she said loudly, laughing, and she effortlessly pushed him back, taking him by surprise and causing him to fall on his back.

He then felt the first warning sign that he needed to end this battle quickly. As he fell back, the shock almost made him lose control of his bowels. He nearly pooped his pants right in the middle of fighting Tess, and he knew that would not end well at all!

Blushing at the embarrassment of being effortlessly pushed over, he got back up. He looked around and saw some people whispering to each other, and thought he heard someone whisper about how “pathetic” this was.

Christian needed to do whatever he could to save his pride, so he charged at Tess again and this time swung at her head. She grabbed his hand, and using his own momentum, she locked it behind his back. She now had him completely under her control.

“Oh, aren't you supposed to be a big, strong man?” she asked loudly. “Come on, if you're so strong, break out!”

But as much as he struggled, he couldn't get his right hand out of her grip, nor could he reach her with his left hand. Tess put a small amount of pressure on his right hand. This caused him so much pain that he was brought to his knees and, once again, nearly messed his pants, this time in a very compromising position. He held on for his dear life and managed to not embarrass himself.

“I can't wait to show everyone those pics of you,” Tess whispered to him. “Everyone's going to know that diaper was for you... everyone's going to know what a pants-wetting sissy you are. You're so weak and pathetic. It's laughable that you ever thought you could fight anyone, even a weak widdle girl like me,” she teased. “You should have just eaten dirt like I said. Because now, you're going to do it anyway.”

“No!” Christian said, refusing to eat dirt in front of all these people.

“Haven't you learned that you should just do what I say yet?” Tess asked, then applied pressure, causing Christian to scream out in pain and lower his head to the ground. “Just eat the dirt, then admit that you're a sissy little princess in front of everyone here, and I'll let you go. Then no more pain, because I know prissy princesses like you don't like pain.”

“I won't...” Christian said, struggling as hard as he could.”

Tess sighed. “Looks like you need more of a lesson,” she said, applying more pressure. Christian screamed again and came very close to losing it. He was completely on the verge of having an accident with Tess directly behind him! He knew that he had to end this quickly, and that there was only one way to do this. “Are you going to be a good little girl and eat the dirt now?” Tess asked.

Without responding, Christian lowered his mouth to the floor and got a mouthful of dirt. He heard people start laughing at him. “Now do you have anything to say to everyone, Christian?” Tess asked.

Head down, completely defeated, Christian said, loud enough for other's to hear, “I'm a sissy little princess.” Half the crowd started laughing at him instantly. He didn't dare look up, he knew he would see people mocking him, teasing him, calling him pathetic.

“Good girl,” Tess said. “But I think you need to learn that when I tell you to do something, you have to do it straight away. So I think you need just a little bit more of a lesson.” She pushed his arm up his back as hard as she could, and Christian once again screamed out in pain, this time with a much higher pitched scream. Christian started to hear people laugh about how girly that scream was, but that was the least of his worries. Because as far as his bowels were concerned, that last attack was it.

Christian's face went bright red as he felt his bowels empty the large, sticky mess they were holding back. With a fairly loud crackling noise, his underpants quickly bulged out as they were filled with the mushy, smelly mess. He felt some resistance as his underwear tried to push against his jeans, but no amount of resistance was enough to keep this mess back. It continued to push on, making a small but noticeable bulge in the back of his jeans. And unfortunately for him, he was on the ground, with his face down and his butt up, pointing straight at Tess, who was looking down at him.

He hoped that she didn't see his jeans expand, and that maybe being outside would mask the smell enough for him to get away. Unfortunately, he smelled it almost immediately and knew it was not going to go unnoticed. Also, she did see the back of his jeans expand very clearly. “Oh my god, please tell me that you didn't just...” she said.

“W-what?” Christian asked pointlessly.

Tess just sniffed, and laughed shrilly as she covered her nose. “Holy shit. I thought yesterday was bad but you actually... No, actually, get up.”

Christian slowly stood u, wondering what was happening. Tess was still holding his arm behind his back “I want you to look these people in the eyes, no looking down. And tell them what you just did. No one is going home until you do that.”

Christian felt his face burn even redder. Admit to everyone here that he had pooped his pants? He didn't know if he could! But he wasn't exactly sure he had a choice, Tess still had him in a fairly vulnerable position, if he disobeyed, she would surely force him onto the ground and hurt him until he finally did what she said!

“I p-” he started timidly, but was interrupted. “Louder, I want the whole crowd to hear,” Tess said.

Everyone was looking at him, some whispering, wondering what secret he could be hiding. Then, face bright red, he looked up and said, “I pooped my pants.”

There was a short moment of stunned silence, followed by a chorus of laughter. He could hear all these comments about his situation. “He pooped his pants? Is he 16 or 3?” “I think he needs to wear diapers!” and “Groooossss...” were just a few of the comments that he heard directed at his little predicament.

Tess finally let go of his arm, thrusting him forward and causing him to fall forwards, face in the dirt. Tess laughed at him falling over yet again and walked up in front of him. Looking down at him, she said, “You are literally the most pathetic person I have ever met. I can't believe I ever thought you were cool I was only mostly joking about the diapers, but if you're going to shit your pants every time you experience a little pain, maybe you should be wearing them.” She spat down on his face, and finished off with, “Later, princess, have fun explaining your situation to Grace,” and walked off. The crowd dissipated, not even Kieren remained, and Christian finally remembered something that he had almost completely forgotten about, he had to deliver that assignment to Grace!

He couldn't skip it, or both Grace and Mrs. Campbell would be pissed off with him. He just had to take it to her place, and hope that he could get in and out before she smells or sees anything.

Chapter Three

Christian made his way to the bus stop, and waited for the bus. There were a few people around, and he could hear people giggling and whispering around him. He just looked down, face burning, as he waited for the bus.

As he was waiting a young girl broke away from her group of friends and approached him. He braced himself for whatever embarrassing comment or question she had to make, but instead of saying anything, when she got near, she started sniffing and put her hand over her nose. “Oh my god, I thought you were kidding!” She yelled, laughing, as she ran back to her friends. “He totally did shit his pants!”

After a few more painfully embarrassing minutes, the bus arrived. Christian and a handful of others' stepped onto the bus. Christian chose a random seat and sat down. The people near him covered their noses and moved further away, whispering and giggling.

Christian rode the bus in silence until he reached Grace's stop, then hopped off and walked a few more minutes until he got to her house. He took the assignment out of his backpack, so he could have it ready to give it to her, then leave.

After hesitating for a second, he knocked on the door. A few seconds later, Grace's mother opened the door. “Oh, hello Christian,” she said. “Can I help you?”

“U-um... Grace missed an assignment today, I brought it for her...” Christian stuttered.

“Oh, that's nice,” Grace's mother said. “Why don't you come in? Grace isn't feeling 100% today, I'm sure seeing one of her friends would be nice for her.

“Oh, I really should be heading home...”

“Oh, don't worry about that. I'm sure your mother will understand. Just go pop in and say hi, tell her how your day was, and then you can be on your way. Okay?”

“A-alright...” Christian stuttered.

Grace's mother sniffed. “Hm. I wonder what that smell is. Probably some thoughtless neighbour not cleaning up their pets mess, I guess.”

“Y-yeah, that must be it,” Christian stuttered, face starting to burn. “I guess I should see Grace...”

“Oh, of course.” Christian was lead into the house, and he walked into Grace's room.

Grace was laying in her bed, reading a book, still in her pyjamas. “Oh, hey Christian,” she said, sounding kinda surprised when he walked in.

“Hey,” Christian replied timidly. “Miss Campbell gave us an assignment.” He awkwardly handed the assignment over, trying not to get too close and let her smell what he had in his pants.

“Oh, thank you so much!” Grace said. “How was school today? Anything exciting happen?”

Christian just shrugged, definitely not wanting to really say anything. “Oh, well I'm pretty sure I'll be back at school tomorrow,” she said. “Hm. Do you smell something?”

“Me? No, not really,” Christian stammered as he felt his face get warm.

“Hm. I could swear I can... but I guess I must be imagining it,” Grace said absently. “Well, thanks for the assignment, I'll see you tomorrow!”

“Yeah, sure,” Christian said and, glad to see the back of that room, he left and got back on the bus.

He got home and found, thankfully, no one waiting for him. So he quickly went upstairs, and started cleaning. As he pulled his pants and undies down he blushed intensely as
he saw the mess he had made in his undies. He dumped what he could into the toilet and left them soaking in the sink while he had a shower. By the time he was done, the undies were mostly clean, so he stuffed them in the bottom of the laundry basket and hid in his room for the rest of the night.

Christian woke up the next morning after a night of more unpleasant dreams. Dreams where he had pissed himself again, in front of the whole school. And when he woke up, he found that half of that dream was true, for his bed was soaked and, once again, he smelled like pee.

He groaned, hoped his mother didn't run into him again this time, and once again tried to sneak his bedding into the bottom of the laundry basket. He managed to do so this time, and since there was a full load of washing he decided to put it all in the washing machine so there is no way his Mum would see what he had done. He sighed in relief and made his bed with new sheets so there was no sign that he had once again pissed himself as he slept. He showered and got ready for school, had an early breakfast and left as soon as he could.

He walked as fast as he could as he could feel a rising pressure in his bladder. And as he had learned twice now, putting off using the bathroom was a very bad idea. Once he arrived at school, he found that there was a crowd around the back wall of the school Cafeteria. He went to see what it was about, hoping whatever it was would take the attention he was expecting off of him. People giggled as they noticed him approach, and stood aside so he could pass. He heard whispers like, “Watch out, he may have shit himself again,” which were often followed with fits of quiet giggling.

He blushed and made his way through the crowd, and once he got to the wall he saw exactly why there were so many people there. On the wall was a piece of paper with a line running down the centre. On the left side it said “Before” above a photo, obviously taken by Tess, of him yesterday, with a big bulge in the back of his pants, and on the right side it said “After” above a crudely drawn picture of him in a huge diaper, complete with odor lines.

The crowd laughed loudly as he saw the picture and realised that now everyone, even the people who weren't around for the event the day before, would know exactly what he had done. And as he realised exactly what he meant, he heard a very familiar voice behind him.

“I can't believe this.” Christian turned around and his heart stopped. It was Grace, looking at him as though he was a piece of dirt sticking to her shoe. He had never seen her look so disgusted! “I knew I could smell something when you came over yesterday. Did you really think you could hide this from me?”

“I... umm....” Chrstian stammered, trying to find a way to defuse the situation. The growing pressure in his bladder wasn't making it any easier.

“I mean, it's one thing to get beaten up by Tess. She's strong. I could have looked past that. But you actually shit your pants like a little infant? What are you, two years old? That is so gross!”

Christian couldn't believe what he was hearing! He had been obsessing about Grace for years, and in one short event he had ruined everything! He started panicking. He couldn't feel the breeze in his skin, his face burning, or the pressure in his bladder...

“To think until yesterday I actually kinda liked you. I mean, I have always liked you but I actually... you know, like-liked you.”

“R-really?” Christian stammered.

“Yeah. But I can't be with some baby who still needs diapers because he still shits his pants!” Grace replied aggressively. Tears started rolling down Christian's cheek, and Grace laughed. “Pathetic little cry baby,” she said. “Go back to pre-school, and do me a favour and never ever ever talk to me again.”

And that was it. Christian's mind broke and he lost all control. He broke down crying, and his bladder just... let go. He blushed as he felt his undies start to dampen, but couldn't stop himself as he stood there, crying, wet patch growing on his jeans and making it's way down to his socks and shoes.

“Oh my god, are you pissing your pants now?” Grace asked, laughing, unable to believe what she was seeing. She laughed. “Are you really so pathetic that a girl even talking to you aggressively will make you piss your pants? You should take a good look at that picture, you big sissy. Because you really do need diapers.”

Grace laughed and walked away. The crowd whispered and giggled about him, but they all departed and left him standing there, alone, face soaked with tears and pants soaked with his own pee.

After coming to his senses, Christian decided that he had better go to the Nurse's office. He couldn't go to class with soaking pants.

The Nurse's office was in the same building as the Principle's office and the Teacher's lounge, where the teachers spent most of their time outside of class. As he approached the building, to his horror he saw Miss Campbell starting to exit.

“Christian!” She said, surprised. “What are you-” she started to say, but then noticed his soaking pants. “Oh... oh dear. Have a little accident, did we?” she said with a little giggle.

“I... um...” Christian resigned himself to the fact that the entire school would know about his little mishaps. “Yes,” he said as he looked at the ground, face burning red. “I wet myself.”

“If that picture on the back of the cafeteria wasn't edited at all, it seems that you have done more than just wet yourself lately, kid,” Miss Cambpell replied, again, giggling a little.

Christian closed his eyes and nodded slightly. “So I guess it was a lie that the diaper I found you with yesterday wasn't for you, then.” She said. Christian didn't respond. “Luckily, I have it here with me. Shall we go see the nurse and figure out what we can do about those soaky jeans and the... troubles you have been having lately?”

Christian blushed, but he was heading that way anyway, so he let her lead him to the Nurse's office.

Miss Jessica Mitchells, the Nurse, was one of the prettiest ladies in the school. Miss Cambpell was nice looking enough, but Miss Mitchells was practically seen as a Goddess among the boys of the school. She was tall for a lady, almost 6', with fairly large breasts, blonde hair, and face always done up extravagantly. If there ever was someone to fit the sexy nurse stereotype, it was her.

So, understandably, Christian could barely look in the eye, and his face turned red as a tomato as he noticed her eyeing his soaked jeans. “Oh my,” she giggled.

“Jess, Christian has been having... problems, as you can see,” Miss Campbell said.

“Problems?” She asked. “As in more than one?”

“Well, Christian? The Nurse asked you a question, if you want to get yourself sorted out, you need to cooperate with her.”

Christian had frozen up for a second, but then he slowly nodded.

“Aw, you poor thing,” Jessica said, again giggling a little. “Why don't you tell me all about it? Every little... accident that has happened lately.”

“Yesterday I... I...” Christian started. He didn't know how to tell her what had happened, so he just blurted it out quickly. “Ipoopedmypants.” He immediately looked straight down and felt his face burn so hard he felt like he could cook bacon on it.

“Oh my, this problem is much bigger than I thought it was! I thought you had just had a bit of an accident today! Has there been anything else?” The Nurse asked.

Christian was about to say no, but then he figured he might as well tell the truth. She already knew he had peed his pants today and pooped his pants yesterday, and at least with more information she might be able to do something about his little... problems. “I wet myself again two days ago.”

“Oh no, poor baby. Anything else?”

He was about to shake his head before realising that there was something else. “I... um... I wet the bed the last two days.”

“Can you tell me everything about what happened on all of these events?” Jessica asked.

“Well... two days ago, my friend Tess beat me up and I really needed to pee... So I had a bit of an accident,” Christian said slowly.

“Tess? As in, a girl?” Jessica asked, giggling again. Christian just nodded. “Okay, and what about the next day?”

“It was Tess again. She beat me up in front of the entire school and... I just couldn't hold it... I pooped my pants.”

“Oh dear, sounds like this Tess is bad news for you!” She said, then smirked a little and added, “And your pants. What about today?”

“Well... this girl I like, Grace, I was really good friends with her... but she found out what I did yesterday and she made fun of me and said she never wanted to speak to me again and... I just... lost control.”

“And what about the bedwetting incidents? Any bad dreams or anything?”

“I was just dreaming about Tess beating me up again,” Christian responded.

“I see. Well, I think you might be a little scared of girls, sweety,” Jessica said. Christian blushed. Scared of girls? No way! “I mean, the way you can barely look at me or your teacher kind of shows that! But it's okay, it just means you're probably not quite as mature as other people your age... which I guess also explains... you know,” she said, giggling a little. Christian blushed, but he didn't say anything.

“You didn't happen to bring anything to change into, did you? Just in case? I mean, you have had an awful lot of accidents the last few days...” Christian started to shake his head, but was interrupted by Miss Campbell.

“I don't know about clothes, but he did bring something that I think would be very helpful!” Christian groaned internally. He knew what was coming. And as expected, she stuck her hand in her bag and pulled out the diaper with pink hearts. “Christian had this yesterday morning with a note, 'For Christian, Just in case.'”

“Oh it's so cute! Well, I definitely think you could do with a little protection you know... 'Just in case.'” Jessica said with a wink and a giggle. “We will have to do something else about those soaky pants, but let's get you in some protection first so you don't make a puddle in here.”

She patted the bed in her office, motioning for him to lay down. Christian did as he was asked, and looked away and tried to pretend he was somewhere else... anywhere else, as she pulled off his wet jeans. She wiped him up with some baby wipes, then put the diaper on under him. “You know, having such a girly diaper is a good idea. It might help you get over your fear of girls! In fact, I have a really good idea! Sit up, Christian, and put your arms up.”

Christian did as he was told, confused as to what was about to happen. Jessica lifted his shirt up and off him.

“I mean, the only pants we have are for girls anyway, so why not make a nice outfit out of it?” She got out what appeared to be the only pair of pants, a pair of light blue jeans with pink and yellow flowers all over them. Very girly and not something Christian wanted to wear, but he didn't have a choice. She then got some shoes, as his had been soaked. White flats with a hot pink ribbon on the front. The socks were white with a pink frill at the top. The top, a purple top with a bunny's face in the centre.

“Wait, I have to wear all of that?”

“I'm sorry hun, but we don't get boys who need their clothes changed in here much so we don't stock up. It's very unusual for someone your age to still pee their pants, but girls not used to having their period might have some trouble.”

Christian grumbled, but there was no way around this. “Besides, like I said, maybe dressing you up like this will get you to see that girls are nothing to be scared of!” Christian just blushed, and sat quietly as the Nurse dressed him.

“Now I want you to come here at recess, lunch and after school so I can check if you need a change, okay? If you're good and you stay dry and clean, you won't have to wear them tomorrow.”

Christian blushed, but nodded. He was fairly certain he was going to stay dry for the rest of the day. There is no way this could happen again! “I'll hold onto your wet clothes for now, and you can pick them up at the end of the day.”

“Let's go back to class now,” Miss Campbell said, and you silently started to walk away. “Christian, don't be rude. The Nurse helped you out a lot. Thank her.”

“Th... thank you,” Christian stammered.

“That's okay sweety,” The Nurse replied, giggling at how nervous you were.

You and Miss Campbell started walking back to class, and Christian was so terrified of what awaited him there. The entire class was going to see him dressed in an outfit so feminine that barely any of the girls would wear it. But there was nothing he could do about it. He just had to make your way through the day and hope that he could remain dry and clean...

Chapter Four

Christian's face was glued to the floor as Miss Campbell walked him to class. He did not want to face all the other kids dressed like this, and he definitely did not want them to find out what he was wearing underneath!

Soon enough, they both reached the classroom. Christian could hear his unruly peers within, probably wondering why the teacher was so late. He took a big breath, and Miss Campbell opened the door and lead him in.

As soon as they both entered, all eyes were on Christian and his ridiculously feminine attire. He blushed intensely as silence fell upon the room. Suddenly, Tess shouted, “Wow, I knew you were a sissy little bitch, Christian, but I didn't think you were this pathetic!” Christian blushed even brighter as the whole class laughed. “Maybe we should be calling you Christine instead!”

Suddenly the classroom was full of giggles and comments about how Christine is the perfect name for a crossdressing, pants-shitting sissy like Christian. He looked over at Grace and found that she was gleefully telling the story about how she made him piss his pants earlier. Tears started rolling down his cheek, but he wiped them quickly before anyone saw.

“Okay, as amusing as this all is we've already lost enough time,” Miss Campbell said, finally putting an end to the embarrassment. “Christine... Oops, I mean Christian-” Some of the students giggled at this “accidental” slip up. “Please find a seat so we can begin.”

He sat down in his regular spot, but any people around him quickly moved to other seats, giggling and muttering about how he might poop his pants again.

Throughout class he could hear people giggling at him. He just tried to focus on Miss Campbell's teasing, but it was hard when he knew that he was the centre of attention. He has seen other students in his position, though never quite as intensely, but he never thought it would be him.

After what seemed like an eternity, the lesson ended. “Okay, kids, it's time for recess! Oh, and Christian, remember to return to the Nurse's office for your special check up.” He blushed hard as he remembered he was going to get his diapers checked. He heard whispers coming from Tess and her friends, but he could not hear what they were whispering about. He just hoped it wasn't any more cruel tricks to play on him, he has suffered enough humiliation to last a lifetime!

Christian waited for the rest of the class to leave before slowly standing up, taking another deep breath and walking toward's the nurse's office. The surrounding corridors were filled with students going out to recess, and as soon as he stepped out, once again, all eyes were on him. The corridors rang with laughter at his cute outfit and he immediately blushed, hid his face and walked quickly towards the Nurses's office.

He scurried past the administration desk and into Jessica's office. “Oh my goodness I forgot how cute you looked in that little outfit!” The gorgeous nurse cooed as he entered, causing his face to burn. “Well, let's see how you're holding up so far.”

Without any warning, she undid his jeans and pulled them down a little, and pressed her hand against the front of his diaper. “Well, looks like you're all dry so far!” she said. “Good work, kiddo, keep it up and you'll be back to big boy pants in no time!”

“Thank you,” Christian mumbled, eyes glued to the ground. He pulled his jeans up and quietly exited her office and the building.

Christian looked around, trying to think of an isolated place where he could spend the rest fo his recess, away from the prying eyes of others. However, while he was thinking, he felt his pants being yanked straight down around his ankles, and a familiar voice behind him. “Well it looks like they've finally given little Christine the protection she needs after all!”

Christian quickly turned around to find Tess, Lyssa, Teagan and Grace standing behind him, smirking at him, Tess obviously being the one who just pansted him.

He blushed brightly and yanked his pants up to cover his diaper. Too little, too late, as Grace had her phone out and had obviously just taken a picture of his attire. “P-please,” Christian begged. “Don't show anyone that...”

The girls laughed at him. “Do you not understand how pathetic you look right now, Christine?” Grace asked, sneering. “Look at what you're wearing. I love girly stuff, but even I'm not prissy enough for that! And you've pissed and shit yourself so many times, you need extra protection so that you stop ruining your pants!”

“Grace, please, this isn't me! I just... have had some bad luck,” Christian said, starting to cry.

“I guess I could have believed that. But these girls told me that you pissed yourself in front of them two days ago, then you shit yourself, then you pissed yourself again! Three times in less than a week? You're just a pathetic sissy baby.”

The girls laughed. “Look, you loser. The only time Grace is wasting on you from now on is to let you know what a pathetic little sissy princess you are. So you can leave her alone, or you'll just make things worse from yourself.”

“But I love her...” Christian said desperately.

Grace gasped a second, and stood straight in front of Christian. She smiled a little and grabbed his hand, and for a second, a fleeting second, Christian thought everything would be okay. That was the smile he thought about to get to sleep at night when he couldn't handle life anymore. And here she was, giving it to him now. Maybe things would be okay between them after all.

But for a split second, her smile turned cruel, and she spat directly into Christian's face. “No one could love someone as pathetic as you, baby Christina,” she said cruelly.

“Come on girls,” Tess said. “I have an idea. But we'll need to head to the shops.”

Christian couldn't believe it, but Grace walked off with Tess right out from school.

He didn't dwell on it too much, he quickly headed to the back of the administration building and waited there for recess to end. He waited a few minutes extra so that no one would see him walking to class, then he went to his class.

Not much notable happened for the space between recess and lunch, except that Grace, Tess, Lyssa and Teagan didn't show up to class at all. The latter three were regular absences, but Grace was a bit of a surprise. Miss Campbell concluded that Grace must be in the Nurse's office or at some event.

Christian wanted to tell her the truth, but he didn't want to draw any more attention to himself, so he sat through the class quietly. Eventually, the time for lunch came. “Okay guys, go get yourself some lunch! And Chrissy, don't forget to see Nurse Jessica for your checkup again!”

Like he could forget! Again, Christian waited for the other students to leave, then slowly got up and left the classroom. He quickly dodged the jeers and giggling to go straight to the Nurse's office.

He made his way to the Nurse's office again. “Oh, good! You're here again. Haven't had any accidents yet, have we?” she asked.

“Of course not!” Christian demanded. “I'm not a baby. I have just had... a little problem.”

“Is that so?” Jessica asked slyly. “Because by my count, it has been five 'little problems' in the last three days! Little problems that boys your age shouldn't be having more than once, if even that!”

Christian blushed. “Um... can we just get this over with?”

“Oh, of course, I won't keep you on your precious lunch time,” Jessica responded. She undid his pants, pulled them down and checked his diaper. “Well, it looks like you're clean this time! Make it through the end of the day and we can just forget this all happened!”

“I don't think that's possible now,” Christian said quietly as he exited Jessica's office.

He started walking behind the administration building again, but saw that Tess, Teagan, Lyssa and Grace were walking towards him. He figured there was no point in fighting against it, and they might go easier on him if he doesn't resist.

“Oh Chrissyyyyy!” Tess called out as they walked towards him. “So glad we caught up with you. We have something exciting to tell you!”

Christian didn't like the sound of that. But he smiled weakly. “What is it?” he asked.

“Well, we have decided that we're not going to show anyone that picture we took before! In fact, we're not going to make fun of you at all for your choice in... clothing... and how often you fail to make it to the bathroom.”

This seemed suspicious and Christian was definitely skeptical. “Oh?” he asked hopefully.

“Of course, there are two conditions.”

Christian's heart sank. He knew there was a catch. “What are they?” he asked wearily.

“Oh don't be so dramatic. They're really easy, I'm sure you'll be able to do them! Especially since you claim that all these accidents you've been having are just bad luck or whatever.” Christian still wasn't very hopeful about this situation. “Okay. First one is probably a given, but you have to go through the rest of the day without having a single accident. We know you're going to the Nurse's office after school to get your diaper checked, and we want to be there with you so that we can make sure that you're really the big boy you claim to be, instead of the poopy pants princess you have been acting like. If you fail, I'm afraid we'll have to tease you mercilessly and definitely show everyone that cute little pic of you in your little baby pants.”

“Sure,” Christian said, mostly confident that he could meet that criterion. He just braced himself for the second condition.

“The second one is easy,” Tess said. And from behind her back, Grace pulled out a baby bottle of milk. “You have to let Grace feed you this entire bottle, right here and now.”

Christian shook his head. “I'm not a baby!”

“You are for now,” Tess said. “Look, no one's even here. The faster you do this, the less chacne someone will walk in on us. There is a bench right there, just lay down in her lap and let her feed you the bottle.”

Christian groaned. Despite his pride screaming at him to not allow them to do this, it was the most logical choice. If Tess and the other's left him alone, the rest of the school eventualy would too, and while he would never be as popular as he once was, he would not be in the position he is in currently. And he did not want that picture to get out. His reputation had taken far too much damage to add diapers to the list. “Fine, let's get this over with,” he said reluctantly.

Grace shrieked with glee and scurried over to the bench, and Christian followed. “Lay down so your head is in my lap, little princess,” Grace said after sitting down. Christian laid down and rested his head in her lap. She brought the bottle to his lips and he opened his mouth to let it in.

He started drinking. It was very strange, to be in this position with the girl who he had basically fallen in love with. He hadn't imagined this happening, but the maternal vibe was... well it was much more preferable to how she had been acting to him the rest of the day.

The milk tasted a little odd. He figured it muts have been because it was actual baby formula. The girls would be evil enough to do something like that. But he kept drinking as fast as he could so he could be finished.

“Good girl, you drank the whole bottle!” Grace said as you sat back up.

“So now we just wait until the end of the school day?” Christian asked.

Tess nodded. “And if you have been able to keep your baby pants clean, we will leave you alone until something else like this happens, and we will delete the picture.”

“And knowing you, that is a big if,” Grace added, and you blushed.

“Bye Christine!” Tess exclaimed as they walked away.

You had the rest of the lunch hour to kill and you still didn't want to see anyone. So he continued to walk behind the administration building and ate his lunch in silence there, until it was time to go to class.

Soon enough, he was back in class for the last couple of hours. The class was giggling at him still, but as nothing had happened since the beginning of the day, he could feel the enthusiasm slowly dying. Maybe things would be better sooner than he thought, especially with Tess's promise to leave you alone!

Unfortunately, reality decided to screw with him again. Because not five minutes in, he could feel a rising pressure in his tummy. He knew exactly what that meant. He needed a bathroom, and fast!

“Miss Campbell,” he said, eagerly throwing his hand up.

“Yes, Chrissy?” the teacher responded.

“Um... may I please go to the bathroom?” Christian asked desperately. He could hear giggles and whispers starting up again. “I guess they're trying to potty train him now,” one person said. “Better let him go, he obviously can't hold it very long,” another said.

“Now Chrissy, you know I don't like letting people go to the bathroom straight after lunch,” Miss Campbell said. “You should have gone at lunch.”

“I didn't need to go until just now, I swear!” Christian said, desperately.

“That's a likely story,” Miss Campbell replied. “Anyway. It might do some good for you to have to hold it a bit. I'm afraid you will have to wait for now.”

Christian groaned as the class giggled, and buried his face in his desk.

He could feel the pressure quickly rising. He had no idea where it came from! One second he was fine and the next he was close to messing his diaper and basically ruining his life! Then he remembered, the bottle. Those girls must have slipped in something!

He could almost feel it start to come out on it's own, so in one last desperate move, he threw his hand up again. “Miss, can I pleeeeeease go to the bathroom?” he begged.

“Christian, I don't like having to repeat myself. You're causing a distraction. Now calm down or I will have to keep you after class,” Miss Campbell said strictly.

Christian just groaned and tried to hold on with all his might, but eventually it was all just too much for him. With a loud crackling noise, he started filling his diaper with the mess he had just been trying so desperately to hold back.

He blushed intensely as the mess spread across his diaper and his butt, and even harder as he smelled it. He knew that smell was going to spread throughout the classroom, and he knew what everyone was going to think.

Sure enough, people were fanning their noses, pointing at him, whispering, “I think someone may have shit themselves again!” and giggling. Miss Campbell noticed as she scrunched her nose, but she didn't say anything. He looked over at the girls and saw them all holding their noses, smirking at him.

Soon enough, the school day ended, and Christian once again got his little reminder to go to the Nurse's office, this time with a little more urgency. The girls met up with him outside of class. “Well, let's go to the Nurse now!” Tess said, excitedly.

“I sure hope that smell isn't what I think it is, or someone is in for a lot of teasing,” Grace said, giggling.

Christian just said nothing and headed to the Nurse's office with the girls.

“Oh, there you are,” The Nurse said. Then she caught the smell and started fanning her nose. “Phew! I don't even know if I have to check you to know what you've done! And... what are you girls doing here?”

“Oh, we're friends of Christian's,” Tess said. “We offered to escort him here because we know he has been very embarrassed about what has been going on over the last few days.”

“Oh, well aren't you girls sweet,” Jessica said sweetly. She pulled Christian's pants down, exposing his diaper, and merely looked at the back. “Oh dear, there's a big bump and a brown stain here. As I thought, you've had another accident Christian,” Jessica said, smiling.

Christian just blushed. IT wasn't his fault, but who would believe him? “I guess it's understandable, with your fear of girls. Being surrounded by so many pretty girls must have intimidated you!”

“Fear of girls?” Grace asked.

“Oh yes, Christian is terrified! That's why he has been having so many accidents!” The girls burst into a fit of silent giggles.

“Well, your records show you don't live very far from here. So we can skip the change and you can go home like that, your parents can decide what to do with you for tonight, but I'm afraid that tomorrow you will have to be in diapers again.”

“Wait, my parents?!” Christian exclaimed. “No, you have to change me. My mother cannot know about this, and neither can my brothers and sister.”

“I'm sorry, sweety, but we don't have any more diapers right now and honestly, I think your mother should probably be kept in the loop anyway. So go home, explain what's been happening and she can figure out what to do from there.”

Christian was terrified! He couldn't face his mother like this. “Oh, and here's your clothes,” she said, as she handed him a plastic bag. Within the bag were his still soaking pants and undies, as well as his shirt which was probably also wet and smelly from being in contact with them.

“You didn't clean my clothes? What should I wear home?” Christian asked.

“Oh, you can keep the outfit,” the Nurse said. “But I'm a Nurse, not your personal laundry service. If you're going to be telling your mother about these diapers, that would also explain the state of these clothes!”

“But not the clothes I'm wearing, she'll think I want to be a girl!” Christian exclaimed.

“Just explain what happened to her, I am sure she will understand,” The Nurse replied. Christian was definitley skeptical of that. His mother was not reasonable in matters like these. But what could he do? He coudln't wear the wet clothes, he had to wear the girly ones.

“I always love having you around, dear, but don't you think it's time to go home now? I have to pack up and go home myself.”

“Thank you for looking after our friend,” Grace said, sneering at Christian.

“My pleasure, dears, and thank you all for being such good friends!” Christian rolled his eyes, but not enough for anyone to notice.

They were all rushed out of the office, and left the building. “Have fun explaining all of this to mommy dearest, Christine,” Tess said, before they all walked off, leaving Christian to walk home, diapered, stinky, in super feminine clothes and with a bag of pee soaked pants.

One thing he knew for certain, if any of his family saw him before he could cover everything up, his life would be over.

Chapter Five

Christian slowly made his way home, specifically avoiding any busy roads, and trying to be careful not to be spotted by anyone. This made his trip home that much longer, but he had enough staring and jeering for the day. Despite his attempts, he did have to pass a few people, who mostly stared and giggled as he passed by.

Eventually he did get home. He took a big breath, hoped to god no one was waiting for him and opened the front door.

He heard his Mother's voice calling from the living room. “Christian!” She called. “You're late! Where have you been?” Christian heard her footsteps approach. He was about to rush to his room, but it was too late. His mother appeared in the doorway, and she did not look impressed. “Christian, what the hell are you wearing?”

“N-nothing!” Christian stammered. “I just...”

Your mother wrinkled her nose. “And what is that horrid smell? Is that you?”

“No! I...”

“And what's in the bag? That looks like your clothes. Show me!” she said, but Christian didn't have a chance to refuse that command for she snatched the bag out of his hands, opened it and pulled his clothes out. “These are your clothes! But... Oh my god Christian, did you piss yourself again? These clothes are soaked, and they stink!” She sniffed. “But that is not where that foul smell is coming from.”

Christian just blushed and looked to the floor. “Oh my god, Christian, please tell me that smell isn't what I think it is.”

“I don't know what you think it is,” Christian mumbled, though he did have a suspicion that it was what she thought it was.

“Come here,” his mother commanded. He wanted to resist, but he didn't see the point. There was no hiding from this now. Maybe she would go easy on him if he cooperated. He went over to her. “Turn around.” He did so, and he felt her pull his pants back and look inside. “You're wearing a diaper?! And... oh my god, you pooped your diaper?! Christian, this is disgusting! Disgraceful! You are a 16 year old boy!”

“I was tricked! These girls at school, they gave me...”

“Girls? You pooped your pants because of some girls? You're supposed to be a man! How could you let this happen?” Christian just blushed harder. “I have had enough of this. Wait in the kitchen. At least if you leak there it will be tiled. I will be back soon.”

Christian did as she asked and waited in the kitchen. He was waiting a while, at least 45 minutes, and he wondered what his mother was doing.

She eventually came back and said, “Okay Christian, follow me. There are going to be a few changes around here.”

His mother led him into the living room where he found his brother and sisters waiting for him. Evalyn, his older sister, gasped, David, his older brother, stared, and Amelia, his younger sister, burst into a fit of giggles. “Oh my god, what are you wearing?” Evalyn asked.

“Apparently your brother wants to be a girl!” His mother stated. You blushed.

“What is that smell though?” David asked, scrunching his nose.

“That is another thing I wanted to talk to show you,” his mother said, and she swiftly yanked down Christian's jeans, exposing his diaper. Amelia's giggles intensified and Evalyn joined in. David just stared in disgust.

“Don't tell me that smell is...”

“That's right, someone couldn't make it to the bathroom so he pooped his diaper. The reason he is wearing them in the first place is because he has had so many accidents these days!”

“Oh my god, Christian, you're so gross!” Evalyn said between giggles. “Just wait until all my friends hear about this!”

“I can't believe my older brother isn't even potty trained!” Amelia shrieked with glee.

“So obviously, from now on, Christian's going to be in diapers until he can be potty trained again. And because you're all old enough, you're all going to help me,” his mother said.

“Help? How?” Evalyn asked.

“Well, I don't want to be the only one changing his dirty diapers. You're going to help me change him, and you're going to check him to make sure he is clean,” she replied. “And of course, since he wants to be a girl so much, I got him an entirely new wardrobe and the girliest diapers I could find.”

“Change his diapers?!” Evalyn asked in disgust, then she glared at Christian. “You are so gross! Why can't you just be normal? I don't want to touch your stinky diapers, you big baby!”

“I want to change him!” Amelia exclaimed, still giggling. “It's so funny! I can't believe I get to change my older brother's diapers! I'm going to tell all my friends!”

“Feel free to tell anyone you want,” his mother said. “The humiliation might help him snap out of it and remember how to use the toilet. Now, he will be starting his life as a girl, so from now on you can call him Christine and use female pronouns, if you wish.”

Amelia giggled harder. “Little baby Christine. It's cute!”

“We'll see how cute you think it is when you're changing his poopy diapers,” Christian's mother grumbled. “Speaking of, he's obviously in need of a change now, so I will change him here, in front of you, and you can watch and learn. Christine, lay down on the floor.”

Christian blushed, but he was quite desperate to get out of the messy diaper. It was getting very uncomfortable. So he did as his mother requested without arguing. She untaped the diaper and lifted your legs up.

The smell intensified a little. “Ewww!” Evalyn exclaimed. “So gross! Christian, why can't you just be toilet trained?”

Christian just laid there silently as his mother wiped up his butt until it was clean then taped another diaper onto him. “Now Christian wet the bed a few nights ago, so Evalyn, I want you to check him in the morning. If he's had an accident, which I think is quite likely, change him into a dry diaper and help him get ready for school. You can choose whatever clothes out of his new outfits that you want him to wear. Amelia, you can check him when he gets home from school.”

Evalyn sighed. “Fine, but only because it is going to be hilarious.”

“That's all I needed you kids for,” Christian's mother said. And with that, Christian's siblings left the room, giggling at him as they passed.

“And you, you disgusting, pathetic baby,” his mother said to him. “To your room. I am not happy with you. You will go to your room now, and you will not have dinner.” As much as he didn't want it to, Christian started to cry. A few tears made their way down his cheek, which quickly became a stream, and his whimpering quickly became bawling. His mother shook her head at him. “That's okay, you pathetic mess. I can wait for you to stop being a crybaby.”

Christian kept crying for a few minutes, and after calming down, he slowly stood up and, tears still dripping down his cheek, he went to his room and closed the door.

He stayed in there for the next few hours, thinking about all that had happened. Wondering how it all could have happened. Christian wasn't a baby, he was an adult! How could an adult like himself have had so many accidents?

He laid in his bed and eventually cried himself to sleep.

The next morning was the first morning that Christian's bedsheets weren't soaked in 3 days. He was excited for a second, before he realised that while his bedsheets weren't soaked, the padding between his legs was very squishy and wet. He hadn't stayed dry, the diaper he was wearing just did it's job.

He waited in bed for a few moments, and Evalyn soon entered his room. “Alright you disgusting little freak, let's get this over with.

She walked over, pulled his bedsheets off and his pajama pants down, and instantly saw the yellow stain on the front of his diaper. “Ew. Mum was right. You pissed yourself last night,” she said, looking disgusted. “Well, let's get you cleaned up, then.”

She looked in what used to be his underwear drawers. “Oh how cute. Mum got the girly ones! We know how much you love those!” She pulled out a Disney princess diapedr and held it up so he could see, and he groaned.

“Right. Thankfully you didn't shit yourself this time,” she said, as she undid the tapes on his diaper. “That would be gross. I need to work up to that.”

She took the diaper off and wiped him, then put another diaper under him then taped it up. “Mum also told me to put a few in your backpack, for the nurse,” she said, as she got more girly diapers from the drawer and put them in his backpack.

“Okay, now time to get you dressed! Let's see what Mum got for you!” She looked in his drawers and giggled. “Oh my god, this is perfect! Mum knows exactly what you deserve!” She pulled out a few items of clothing and you stared in horror.

She had chosen a pink, satin dress, bow on the front, frills all over the outfit. There was a bow for his head, pink stockings and white flats. “This is what you're wearing today, and you'd better get used to it, because it looks like this is the kind of stuff you'll be wearing from now on!”

Christian couldn't believe what he was seeing! But he didn't have a choice. He cooperated as his sister dressed him in the humiliating outfit, and for that extra touch, she put his hair in pigtails. He looked in the mirror and it was even worse than he thought! His skirt was high cut enough that the bottom of his diaper was showing. Only a little was showing, but it was just enough to make it very obvious to anyone looking! “There, just like an adorable baby girl! Time for your food, you pathetic, pants-shitting sissy!”

Christian's face burned at the remark, but he just nodded and followed her down to the kitchen. She pulled out a small can and a baby bottle. She poured milk into the bottle, and opened the can to reveal some baby food, and then, with a grin, she mixed some sort of powder into the baby food.

She fed him spoonful after spoonful of baby food until it was all gone, and then fed him the bottle of milk. None of it was very pleasant. “Okay, little one, time to go to school!” Evalyn said, grinning widely. “I bet you can't wait for your class to see your cute new outfit!”

Christian groaned, but didn't say anything. He avoided her gaze as he walked to the front door and exited the house.

He instantly blushed as he realised there were a few people outside on his street. They started staring, and he could see a couple of younger girls giggling at his outfit. He blushed intensely, looked down at the ground and started walking towards school.

As much as he tried to hide from people's sight, he couldn't help but walk past a few. Nobody he knew but he felt his face burn every time he passed them. All of them stared, some giggled, and a few who were walking in pairs or groups whispered to each other.

Before long, and much sooner than he would like, he started to approach school. He stopped walking for a moment, took a deep breath, and braced himself for what would be the most humiliating school day he ever had, and considering what the last few days had been like, that was saying something!
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