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My wife says I should have my hearing checked. (Fun with homophones)
Whadya Say? (On Hearing Aids)

My wife says I no longer hear
like when we started out.
Now when she speaks, she comes quite near
and always seems to shout.

It's true some sounds don't penetrate
(like the sound of her voice)
unless I really concentrate.
(She thinks it's just my choice.)

The other day, while watching news,
I heard her speak to me.
I realized I had to choose:
answer or look guilty.

I wasn't sure just what she'd said.
I thought I caught a word;
With some assembly in my head
I answered like I'd heard.

"That was an interesting piece."
I smiled and looked her way;
that's when I saw her forehead crease
and knew I'd gone astray.

"There's always fighting, never peace,"
I gamely onward went.
Her frown grew deeper, no release
or promise she'd relent.

The dog was standing by his leash.
Perhaps that was her thrust.
"I'd better walk him, 'for he pees."
That's when I'm sure she cussed.

"You're deaf" she yelled so I could hear
with no chance to appease.
"I said it's time for dinner... dear.
It's meatloaf and green peas!"

My wife wants me to see the doc
to get my hearing checked,
but I can hear her every squawk!
There's nothing to correct.

A hearing aid would be no fun.
On this, I won't kowtow.
I do not need another one -
I'm married to one now!

An entry for the January Round of "SENIOR CENTER FORUM
Prompt: Must use the word "peace"
Line Count: 40

kowtow ~ to act in an obsequious manner; show servile deference.

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