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"A different kind of Christmas Present."
                I looked and looked for a present just for you that would show you that I care. I could find nothing that would befit your masculine beauty. So I thought to myself, realizing I had the key to my dilemma, that I could give you a present that couldn't be boxed up with colored paper and bows, nor duplicated. I will give you the best Christmas gift of all, my virginity. The plan was simple. I got on a plane to California, finding the directions to your house; I picked the lock, knowing you would still be at work. I slipped inside and turn on the lights. I only had so much time to decorate or else the Christmas surprise would be ruined; I had to be quick. I decorated your place with stockings, candy canes, and bows, setting up the Christmas tree; I placed presents of affection beneath the tree. With only a little time left I picked up a bowl of rose petals leaving a trail that followed to your bedroom. I placed my bag on the ground, pulling out my sexy lingerie. Black laced panties with a bra to match it, and a little red bow in my hair. I waited for you to come home. I didn't have to wait long. I heard the key in the lock as you opened the door. Your footsteps resounded in the hall leading to the bedroom...my heart beat faster as you turned the knob, opening the door. I saw the look of surprise upon your handsome face. Before you uttered a word I stood up and and leaned close to you kissing you softly on the lips. I whispered "Merry Christmas" and stepped back to see you eyes intense full of love. Your lips curved into a wicked grin as you picked me up and held me in your arms, your muscled veins like a security blanket; you kissed me softly leaving me breathless and whispered, "Merry Christmas, my love."
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