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Rated: E · Short Story · Sci-fi · #1972292
Dante tries to close a deal with an alien
Written for the Daily Flash Fiction Challenge with a word limit of 300.

The prompts: This story must contain the line: "Don't listen to them."

Intersellar Dealings

Dante Masterson sat quietly with both hands on the table.

Across, sat Jubfat; the emissary from Undulation Nine; a mineral rich binary star system eight light years from Earth.

Dante said nothing. He was well aware of the old adage "Whoever talks next loses."

Jubfat squirmed a bit then broke wind through an air flap just behind what passed for his ear.

I've got you now, thought Dante.

"Ahem...um...my analysts tell me that the diamond mines alone are worth more than you are offering for the complete planetary system's resources."

"Your analysts?" humphed Dante with a knowing smile and a shaking of his head, "Don't listen to them. They can't see beyond their spreadsheets. They have no conception of what this deal will mean to the long term relationship between our species. Surely you can see that."

Jubfat brought his lower left tentacle up and began poking himself in his middle eye absentmindedly.

Dante smiled and sat back in his chair. He knew a "tell" when he saw one. Jubfat would try to squeeze a bit more out of the deal but he'd clearly already made up his mind. For all intents and purposes, the deal was done. The only real thing left to do was the ceremonial Dance of Agreement.

"Throw in access to the nudist gas spas of Neptune and you've got a deal," said the bulbous blue and green negotiator.

Dante thought he'd lose his lunch at the mental picture that filled his head.

"Deal," he said, reaching across to double-slap a proffered tentacle.

"Human, you are a tough negotiator indeed," Jubfat said. Then to no one in particular he shouted, "Let the Dance of Agreement begin!"

He then jumped on the table and began twerking as an ancient tune by legendary Miley Cyrus began to play.

Word Count 300
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1972292-Interstellar-Dealings