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I wish this chapter solves some of the mysteries from the previous ones.
A birthday surprise

The sunlight touched his dark brown eyes in twilight but he was already awake.While sitting in the park of their hostel he thought about people who had their memories of childhood while he couldn't remeber more than the past five years. Today was Daniel's birthday, he thought about his friend Matt and wondered what was he giving him as a present. The date was showing  nineteenth of november and today was actually the day he opened his eyes from a terrible accident. But Matt and Daniel's doctor Mr.Crouch celeberated this date as his birthday. "It's amazing how time flies, but I still dont have any clue of who I am and where is my family" Daniel said to himself.

Doctor Nilson Crouch and his other collegues looked after Daniel as one of their most special patients because the day he was brought to the hospital, he was already dead. They just knew that he was brought by a girl named Clarissa. But after a day, Daniel incredibly opened his eyes in the morge and made everyone shocked and frightened. Then Doctor Crouch had him under some special operations for a week to find the reason of his reborn but he wasn't able. So they put his picture on TV to find his family and decided to let him live like a normal person, but no one came asking. For now the only family he had was his friend Matt and his doctor.

Daniel had a part-time job as a salesman in a bookstore. He mostly used to read books as a time-past, sometimes he went to met Matt at their house. But today was his birthday so he had to return to hostel by evening where Matt and Dr.Crouch were waiting for him for celeberation. Sunken in these thoughts someone came inside the bookshop, a blonde girl wearing a pink and white dress stared at him. "What kind of book you want miss?" he said to the girl. "I am not here for the books, seems you are having a date with the girl outside. She said she doesn't want to disturb you and gave this note". And she handed the note to Daniel, it was written like this: "I am guessing your memories are being fixed, you dreamed about her didn't you? Don't worry it will all make sense after you receive your gift which is waiting for you in your room... And by the way happy birthday, brother. (Your little sister, Clarissa)"

When he read the note his mind blew in surprise and excitement "Clarissa my little sister,now I have a family" he thought.He was familiar with her name but didn't know who she was. He only knew that the person who brought him to the hospital five years ago named Clarissa. He asked the blond girl "Where is she?" who was busy staring at him. They both looked out of the window, the girl said "I think she left us, but she was standing there when I came. Why what happened? I think she won't be coming, but if you say I am ready to go with you" and blushed. Daniel smiled and said "She wasn't my date, she was my little sister. And I won't be going anywhere tonight". The girl's eyes widened with happiness and said "Oh thats nice then, by the way I am Lucy. If you change your mind thats my address" and put her card on the desk infront of Daniel, then left the bookstore. But Daniel wasn't even listennig to her, his mind was busy thinking about his sister he hadn't heard for years. Then he thought "What if someone is kidding with me, but I haven't told anyone about the dream. I would better go and check my room in hostel". And suddenly he took the keys of the shop and closed it.

In his way to the hostel he wondered about her sister and the gift, the only family he got was Clarissa but he didn't know. "Maybe when I meet her I can find my parents too, but how can I recognize her when I haven't seen her face. I wish I had asked Lucy about her look" he said to himself. When he reached his room, there was a little present box and a note found on his desk. Daniel's eyes swum in excitement, he read the note first. It said: "I knew you would hurry coming here so I made my way out quickly,you would ask why? because I don't want us to be seen together until you remember everything and learn the truth. It might be dangerous for you. There is a picture of us in the box and a diary of mine. Whenever I missed you I would write something about you in my diary. I wish it helps you find your way back to me, catch you soon. P.S: Don't loose the picture I don't have any copy of it. (Clarissa)"

Daniel opened the box and took the picture, three people was in it. Two girls and a boy which was him. One of the girls with light brown hair and white blouse was circled in blue and was written 'me' on it, meaning that she is his sister. The other girl with dark brown hair and purple dress caught Daniel's attention, she was circled in red and her name was written 'Arielle'. He stared at her for 10 seconds. Suddenly he got shocked and dropped the picture on desk, because she was the girl of his dream.

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