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An Ode to my favorite member of Twiztid: Monoxide
An Ode to Monoxide Child
Jessica Marie

I remember the first time I fell for you,
Hanging out over the grave sight
With the cigarette in your hand
And your pale face with blackened eyes
Look me straight in my brown eyes.
My beloved Monoxide with crystal contacts
Floating around with Madrox on the magic Ouija board:
With crazy hair that changes with each tour—
From blue to red back to a dirty blonde.

But, you sealed the deal in Big Money Hustlas
As Lil Poot, whom I loved so much
And his antics with Big Stank
With the Magic, Magic Ninjas, what?
Or with the baby oil for Stank and Big Baby Sweets,
Your little rhyme about rubbing makes me blush.
Smiles decorated my face and laughter filled me,
You made the days of sitting alone in the office
Less lonely, you made life much better—
Not only with your jokes and puns,
But the fact you could understand how I felt
In your lyrics, I always felt they were written for me.

As a teenager, it was all about Madrox,
But as I age and listen to more of your albums
And write you letter after letter
With my neat handwriting with tons of emotion;
You sign your life away on a poster
That always brightens my day—
Monoxide, you are my Juggalo.
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