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A short story for the contest
         At one time my husband and I were the proud owners of two small dogs. Tidbit, the older, was a tiny white poodle. Dusty, the younger, was a golden colored peekapoo who had the most beautiful tail of any dog I have ever seen. As he was playing, his tail would sweep the floor like a dust mop.

         Of the two, Tidbit was the more experienced, and he could eat more than his weight. One time, he managed to get himself locked in the pantry with the dry dog food. He ate so much, that when we found him, he looked like a beach ball. Fortunately for us, he was okay.

         Dusty followed his bro, Tidbit, around and learned how to look for any small piece of food that was dropped onto the kitchen floor. Dusty was a fast learner. The only thing he could not do like his brother, was jump onto a kitchen chair. His short little legs would not allow him to jump high at all. Of course Tidbit was very good at jumping.

         One Thanksgiving, we invited several people over for dinner. After eating, we all went into another room to watch some football and I left everything on the dining room table. I finally decided it was time to put food and dishes up so I walked into the dining room and there I caught Tidbit enjoying the pleasure of the duck left on a plate. Now Tidbit was not a selfish dog, as he was pitching food down to Dusty who eagerly awaited the spoils of Thanksgiving. I was appalled and tickled as I hurriedly swept him off the table, and whisked both of them out of the room.

         Thanksgiving came and went. Christmas was around the corner. My husband and I and our daughter, were invited to a friend's house for a dinner. There were two other couples that joined us.

         My friend is a dog lover too and had the cutest little Toy Yorkie by the name of Pepi. Pepi loved people and always greeted them at the door with her bark. She weighed right at five pounds and was so sweet.

         The table looked lovely set with china, silver, and crystal glasses with a beautiful Christmas centerpiece The dining room overlooked a screened-in patio filled with growing vines and flowers. Nestled among all of this was a round table and chairs.

         After eating, the men went into the Living room to watch TV, and the ladies went outside to talk. The table was left sitting with the leftover food and dishes.

         Sitting round the patio table, all of us could see directly into the dining room. My friend's chair put her back to the large window. Because she too had left everything on the table for cleaning at a later time, I related the caper my dogs had pulled at Thanksgiving. We were laughing about it when my friend said, "Pepi would never do anything like that." As she was talking, we watched the perfect little dog, jump up onto a dining room chair and onto the table. Then she started walking up and down the table, selecting various foods of her choice. We began laughing hysterically, all except my friend who was completely stunned. When she asked what was so funny all we could do was point for her to turn around and look. She was speechless. What a great laugh we all had, including my friend.

          All of the dogs in this story have passed, but we still talk as if it just happened yesterday. It is one of the funniest stories I have ever had the privilege of telling.

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