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Organizing your personal essay makes logic pop.
Often, when I have an urge to write, I have something to say, so I just go. I don't organize an outline first, though that is an option. My first draft process is to just "get it out," and I usually write as my thoughts flow. I think well with paper and pen. However, when I get to the end I often have a long and rambling chunk of writing.

I'm about to self-publish a collection of essays and poetry. I've accumulated these items here in my portfolio since 2002. I've procrastinated arranging these items in a logical fashion, and formatting, which is all that's holding up my publication. Writer's block hit me when I tried to work with my essays.

So, I'm taking a giant step backwards, to regain my footing, so to speak. I'm reading Writing Personal Essays: How to Shape Your Life Experiences for the Page by Sheila Bender, published by Writer's Digest Books. The info shared in this article is meant as a review for those interested in reading the book, as well as a brief reference on personal essays. A second book reference by Sheila Bender isWriting and Publishing Personal essays.

A third reference is Schaum's Quick Guide to Writing Essays by Molly McClain and Jacqueline D. Roth. Some information will come from the Internet, and I will notate the info so you can search the item and read more if you like. One of my favorite references online is the Purdue University Online Writing Lab, Their online site is located at www.englsih,purdue.edu. Whenever I need to write up a specific reference in a specific style (say APA or MLA), that's where I go to check my memory. They have tutors in addition to the massive amount of info they share online. It's a good place to click around to check if you have remembered your writing lessons from school correctly.

What Is a Personal Essay?

A personal essay is a non-fiction piece of writing, which means you are writing something that is true.

There are eight styles of essays and certain types of information is applied best to each. The writer needs to get past judgments, and delve into the deeper life meaning of his circumstances. In revising, find meaning.
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