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Grandfather's Poem about thinking about service men
Didja Ever Stop to Think?

By: Jack Howard Hatfield, My Grandfather

Didja ever care a Salior,
Walking down the street?
With hat thrown back,
His shoulders square and uniform so neat.

Then stop awhile to think a bit,
Of years he signed away,
To train, to work, to fight for you
And for our U.S.A.

He sails the seas both far and wide,
From dawn till setting sun,
From East to West, from North to South,
Until the job is done.

He often dreams of loved ones
When he is far away,
He often longs to see them
Through months that roll away.

He’s just some other mothers son,
Who loves our beautiful land
And he’s proud to wear the Navy blue
And do what e’er he can.

He fights to keep our country free,
To uphold our creed so true.
Didja ever stop to think, my friend,
That he does it all for you?

So when you meet a Sailor
Don’t shun him all you can.
But give him a smile and greeting,
And say to yourself, “There’s a man.”

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