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Admissions - 500+ Word essay about an act of kindness that I did for someone.
I am captivated with lost times, times when people had more manners and would display them in even the smallest detail. I have my own set of manners and etiquette I live by which I like to consider my small acts of kindness and respect for another, for instance showing that person kindness and appreciation for just being in your presence, not because you have to but because you want to and just to make them feel good. I will point out an act of kindness that I have done for someone and I will talk about why I do it and why it’s so important to me in my everyday life.

First of all I am a foodie, meaning I love trying all kinds of new dishes and flavors and I love to eat out, which I am sure many Americans can relate to! One act of kindness I perform regularly that stands out to me is, whether I ask a friend or a guest to dine with me, I always without deviating, wait for the friend or guest to take the first bite. Maybe to some it sounds extremely old fashioned for a 30 year old or even a bit extravagant, but it is my way to show kindness and respect. It is also a good way to show that I am thankful for their company as well as emphasizes that they are my honored guest. Some might worry or argue that if they wait their food will get cold, which may happen in some cases if you do wait too long. I do make an exception if something occurs and my guest leaves the table for any reason and then I can just perform a different act of kindness because there are many, even just smiling or asking how their meal was, thanking them for coming, etcetera can have the same effect.

Even the smallest gesture can say a lot. This simple act of kindness and many others were practiced for years, from the 1500s through the early 1900s and I think for good reason. Etiquette is very beneficial and teaches people how to be more polite to others around them and also make them feel comfortable and welcome. Parents still to this day send their children to etiquette school, and though it has changed and evolved over the years, thankfully it is not completely lost…

When I perform this small act of kindness I sometimes get a puzzled reaction following the question “aren’t you going to eat?” The replies I tend to receive after I explain why I am waiting are usually “are you sure?” or “oh that’s so sweet, no one has ever done that” followed by a smile that lets me know I have accomplished that small act of kindness and maybe even possibly brightened someone’s day. It’s amazing to me how many of these small gestures have been lost and forgotten over time and I can’t help but wonder when this started to occur and what was the cause.

I do hope I make a difference, even if it’s a small one and I always hope others will notice and maybe even pass on their own small act of kindness to another, because one act of kindness leads to another.

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