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poem or lyrics inspired by youngest son
my son asked me a question that keeps rolling through my mind,
out of the blue, from the backseat , momma what color is time?
for once my tongue was just a little bit too slow
as I was trying to speak, he says I know its not yellow
wow so I thought hard bout this suddenly amazing line
oh really can a color describe the passing of time
sure didn't want to say it was not any
thinking maybe it could be so many

when you were born I think
maybe that time was pink
I know that color is for a girl
but for me you were the world

and when we get mad and start a fight
maybe that color is black as night
but when we are being good
I see a really bright light
work and smile like we should
those times are a glowing white

if we are making friends and having some fun
that time might be yellow just like the midday sun
or if you're down low on a cold, rainy day
maybe that color is like the stormy sky, gray
and if there is a time you choose to wear a frown
might have a crappy color like a muddy brown

one day you will meet a special girl
filling up your heart and head
she'll become your whole world
some say color of love is red
but if there is ever a time you find yourself alone
well the color of sadness may be blue
but please know that if I am gone
forever is the color of time that I love you
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